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someones got to do it and i really do think Jack could use some fresh air and positive social contact


is not like other people
just joking of course as on a normal day luke does all the writing and charms all the ladies while i fiddle around with a card reader machine and do the coffee run


pass the sick bucket
I think the insomnia has come about partly because I've tried to stop smoking weed in the evenings. Although weed has a tendency to keep me up later than I should be, I think it also probably relaxes my mind a little more than I'm conscious of – last night I was struggling to sleep until about midnight (the anxiety) and I cracked and had a toke of a joint. 30 mins later I was asleep. Not sure if it was the weed or just the cut off point, but...

It's been a depressing week of course, esp. with these restrictions coming back in and the winter weather almost in full swing.

Get some hash and use a lighter to dissolve it in some yogurt and butter and take that spoon right up. This is where an irrational hatred of Greeks gets you, foolish boy!


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Had a horrible day yesterday after getting 2 hours sleep the night before (basically woke up at 2am-ish and didn't go back to sleep. I could describe at Proustian length (if I had the time/talent) the strangeness of my experiences by circa 8am, when my body was spasming/shivering with hunger for sleep, and I kept dreaming for a few seconds – at which point my mind would notice sleep oncoming and snap me awake again. It was sort of like an exquisite torture...

Was wanking all day just to escape (for 5 minutes) the horror of having to work. Occasionally I say to myself "right, I'm not watching porn anymore". But I always crumble quickly and then I'm opening 50 tabs of filth...

And I finished the day (to tie this further to the thread) by reading Baudelaire's essays – particularly on the 1855 Paris Exposition Universalle, which is very much worth reading, all him railing against pedants and the "barbarism" of the straight line, as epitomised in Ingre's drawings (vs. romantic cosmopolitanism and energy, epitomised in the drawing of Delacroix).