Beast of Burden
When I was in school, we didn't associate France with fine wine or revolutionary poetry. We associated it with the sad weirdos from La Rochelle that we encountered in Tricolore. Perhaps this is the true origin of Brexit.


in je ogen waait de wind
does brexit mean there will be less english tourists in europe? that might actually be a good thing, no offense.


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along the lines of Barty's situational synesthesia.

look at this, i've really come up in the world. a whole aesthetic framework named after me. a whole analytical paradigm.

before you know there'll be a statue of me outside parliament. my face will be on money. i'll be on bbc's hard talk.

it's going to be great.


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first track especially, but the whole thing - that clean, clear sound - the melodies - rock that's left behind America and the blues


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my parents are very identitarian remainers, whereas my remainness is more boring and dry.

my dad tells this story of living in a squat (i presume stoned out his mind) in the 80's and listening to trans europe express and being overcome with this sense of expanse and possibility and freedom.


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Barty spends a third of the year in various European locations. Finland, Belarus, Latvia, Romania, Spain.