"I believe that I should be free to do exactly what I want to do - and everyone else should also be free to do what I want them to"

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Let's Talk About Ceps
Aaaaanyway. Back to freeports. George Monbiot, unsurprisingly, doesn't like the sound of them - and we're talking only about normal, vanilla freeports here, not charter cities:

Monbiot has little truck with conspiracy theories or theorists, so he doesn't assume they're naturally going to lead to charter cities, but even he doesn't entirely discount the possibility:

Understandably, all this opacity is beginning to cause alarm. Some people have proposed an even more sinister agenda: the government wants to turn these places into “charter cities”, corporate fiefs in which environmental and workplace protections are almost entirely stripped away. There is, as yet, no evidence of this. But if any senior politician is biddable and extreme enough to extend the stupidities of freeports, it is Liz Truss.


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All by design. This time next year the only choice will be which big business (ultimately owned by the same few mega-corps).😔

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Sooner or later or there will be is big corporations. Nothing else. I really think this is being done on purpose. First COVID then this false flag war in Ukraine now an energy crisis. It reeks of control.

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Well said 👏👏

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One of the first places I lived in London was in a houseshare where the landlord lived on the top floor and he & his mrs had extremely loud shower sex in the communal bathroom every Saturday without fail. I was on the first floor and so was the big shower. Our windows looked out onto the garden.

They were so ugly. And so loud.

But- sometimes I didn't have the money to make myself scarce or was too hungover. They started later in the day once and I was just starting to watch Soccer Saturday and had to whack Jeff Stelling up top volume to drown it out. Didn't last there long, a couple of months, and then he tried to hold a bit of my deposit as well, the bastard.