Who has fucked who on dissensus?

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i would have the best ratio but everyone takes my brilliance for granted
That's not true at all! We treat every "lol!" and "SMASH HES FACE IN" with the same reverence that the disciples of Christ or Gautama treated each bejewelled drop of heavenly wisdom to fall from their master's lips.


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no need for angry face

I was trying to say the ratio nonsense only came in 15 years after you first started posting, so the"leaderboard``' is totally skewed, we all know, deep within our hr=earts, that your are the heart and soul and number one of the forum..


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william kent what age were you when you gave up da ganja?

to be honest, when it started costing me more than £120 a week, I was smoking over an ounce of skunk at "mates rates' and I'm a lazyfuck so when that source dried up I switched to rum and it has been downhill ever since

if you check my earlier posts they are more erudite and now I am reduced to anger and ellipsis....


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i was just curious

so quick history, I was getting "mates rates" on skunk and crystal MDMA but the guy's sister decided she wanted to sell the grow room / her house and then we had to tap the grandaughter of a famous ****** *??*****?** boyfriend and I bought some electronic scales cause he may have been shortchanging us, and then rum became easier, and weed guys they be boring, etc
so, drug test me! I will pass!


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you should get into busking

I have no talent

when I was in my teens I was sat in the flat of the number one hash dealer in ****shire and there was a guy from ********* who told us that the biggest rush, more than drugs, or sex, was to "play live', and you know what?

he was full of shit!

I fucking hated it when my band played live


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