The Dissensus Album Canon


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np: computer world

we should do an album listening thread where we all agree on a time and listen to an album a week and give running commentaries. an hour a week. we have time.
good idea! i liked the group listening party fun time when it was that woebot mix of wellness stuff. some ropey jams on there but it was positive vibes in the house


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the problem with the situation is that the person one is trying to convince is TOTALLY empowered. they can just (metaphorically) sit there with their arms folded and everything you produce they just go (winces).

and you find yourself, you know, scrabbling around trying to show things in their best light - making an ass of yourself. and then sometimes, just to keep the game going, they will chuck you a bone - "oh yeah that's ok" or "i quite like that"

and you can't make head or tail of why one thing passes their acid test and another doesn't...

it's a fool's errand trying to convince people of things like that. i always remember - pathetically - trying to convince my trance friends of the validity of jungle - and the pain it caused me...
but then you do get a damascus moment now and then


Cat Malogen
Needs more albums. Been awake for 36hours and there's nothing like hearing something fresh to your ears, or an lp that's been forgotten and you get a memory tweak.


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Mr Your Hands, you might enjoy those Return to Zero mixes I posted links to in the musicians who are also painters thread.


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sorry m8.

that is quite a lot of records.

and yes that PE album's very good. its the one with my all time fave PE song

although i do also like 'mi uzi weighs a ton'.

and i really like N.O.W as well actually, i like the LSK bits

i'm gonna check your tunes out right now, listen to mine if you want at i might put it in my signature like you've done.


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You only turned up here last month so you don't know the status of the man.