Cat Malogen
Playing records and working while people bake and sneeze all around

T for tremendous from crew behind House of Whacks and Jump Cutz on A Man Called Adam’s ‘Other’ label



Cat Malogen
Trent double dose. Refined imperious delight, steady as an eagle and a vocal to give you a brief craving for having it somewhere in a glade in Derbyshire melting on drugs



Can turn naughty
@version when you get a minute, fix the youtubes itt thx. Probably the most important thread of all isn't it, and we want the future generations to see those youtube embeds in their full glory

@suspended make a script to fix this issue site wide. Sufi will pay you two etherium

Also, both of you post a house tune. But no nonce shit ok, @suspended? (you fkn nerd)


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oh shit, wait...that's your remix? I hadn't noticed your name on the Soundcloud, nice one patty.