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this cod-heroic language is everywhere now on all sides. the cia advert version made me watch was the same. trying to make the life you know full well is not only dull but most of all is degrading, into some epic narrative. bathos.


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The bicep looks daft, but it’s also cool knowing SpookyJay36 is committed to a cause

Tweet back about him possibly joining the UVF, how much his work would be appreciated and that it has nothing to do with IVF or womb terrorism


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They should have cut out all the bits where they talk about themselves and just left the actual culture war discussion, but there wouldn't have been much of an article left then.


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This was the interesting bit, for me;

"Yes, these people have got caught up in the great tides of history that have come sweeping over them. It feels real. If you follow people who are acted upon, you start to understand, in a much more sympathetic way, why people do things that you might not like or approve of. You see how someone is led to something, with no idea of the consequences."


is not like other people
RONSON. One thing I've noticed about you is that you're a combination of Jesus and Jimi Hendrix.

CURTIS. That's not true actually. I spend all my time cleaning your underpants.

RONSON. Do you remember that time when we both had ten million pounds each?

CURTIS. Yes but neither of us acted any different.


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I think wanking on about "real people" is the most efficient way to make yourself sound like an out-of-touch member of the elite.

when Keef started pmq’s about Rishi’s tax/wife, Penny M’s odds rose like the bookies were all massively aroused

or put another way their odds flipped proportionality between 12:30pm and 13:30, where they remain with PM odds on

Penny Mordaunt13/207/98/118/118/118/11
Rishi Sunak319/537/27/27/2
Liz Truss15/441/104447/2
Kemi Badenoch172214262225