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id like to read more about a narrative practice of time

He talks about it in his book, Psychopolitics. He says what we have now is "Dataism" and that data and numbers are additive, not narrative. They have no meaning. We're just stacking up more and more figures and data points about ourselves but none of it really tells you anything.

Human memory is a narrative, an account; forgetting forms a necessary
component. In contrast, digital memory is a matter of seamless addition and
accumulation. Stored data admit counting, but they cannot be recounted.
Storage and retrieval are fundamentally different from remembering, which
is a narrative process. Likewise, autobiography constitutes a narrative: it is
memorial writing. A timeline, on the other hand, recounts nothing. It simply
enumerates and adds up events or information.


Cat Malogen
still rocking the Nokia

if you want to separate work from everything else it’s the only way to live, exert any control over your own free time and thereby avoid endless time-sinks


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" Object fetishism is probably over. "

blisblogger did a thread about this. about how tawdry and grubby the products of the entertainment age look now. all those seedy looking DVDs in Cex, all those tatty record sleeves in music and video exchange. all of it representing a terrible waste, waste of time, waste of materials, waste of potential. tat, all of it, from citizen kane to the backstreet boys. it feels like a distinct historical period now. an awful one.


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Definitely feel that with DVDs and Blu-rays. The boutique ones are alright as some effort goes into them, but the standard ones look really odd and tacky. A relic of the 2010s.


wild greens

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I think he's probably right about the fetishism being over but I disagree on it being a waste of time.

Just repeating old info, but the cloud-digitalisation of everything creates a very linear idea of culture, wipes away loads of niche interesting ideas because they don't fit into the Netflix/Disney+ model; whereas the DVD/Blu-Ray era allowed a relatively cheap way for a lot of these things to reach an audience. As you transition into the full digital model then you will lose a lot of that historic culture and methods of absorbing it

If everyone has a player then the idea of spending 4 quid on a random artefact is a much easier idea to absorb; if not the idea of seeking out a player for it or archival torrent to play through your mp4 conduit seems more distant and arcane by the minute

All lends towards the theoretical homogenisation of it, I guess; the ethereal grey. Take your pills, we're concerned about your wellness, here is the content the algorithm wants you to see.

You only need to click on that "For You" tab on twitter to see the weird non-language mental illnesses that apps can create


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I've got probably at least 150 blu rays (what a good use of money) and now that everything is on streaming it feels like a huge effort to get up, find one, press eject on the PS4, put the disc in...

To state the obvious there's plenty of waste/environmental impact still happening with the internet, it's just out of sight now.

But God, the amount of stuff I've accumulated over the years. I sometimes wonder how much stuff I'd have/not have if I'd met someone along the way. A real nagging shrew who refused to let me buy hundreds of books I'll never read.

On the subject of idle fantasies, I wonder how many share my occasional daydream about what life might have been like if the internet hadn't been invented, or at least 'got good' in my lifetime? I like to think even more shit.


Time for a new physical format that is prettier, smaller and lends itself to either music or film. Something like a gem or a mysterious synthetic crystal as one might find in a sci-fi film. Each should come with a write-once sector for people to personalise the product.


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I'm pretty selective with the Blu-rays I buy. The kind of stuff I'm not that fussed about I can just find online or not watch in the first place. I'd hate to have tons of crap DVDs all over the place. Waste of space and money.


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