exploits of woops while homeless


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this is great

whats a 'gas room under a pavement in the lightwell'? Im having trouble visualizing this basement


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That is why I fight my battle with Monopolated Light & Power. The deeper reason, I mean: It allows me to feel my vital aliveness. I also fight them for taking so much of my money before I learned to protect myself. In my hole in the basement there are exactly 1,369 lights. I've wired the entire ceiling, every inch of it. And not with fluorescent bulbs, but with the older, more-expensive-to-operate kind, the filament type. An act of sabotage, you know. I've already begun to wire the wall. A junk man I know, a man of vision, has supplied me with wire and sockets. Nothing, storm or flood, must get in the way of our need for light and ever more and brighter light. The truth is the light and light is the truth.

Mr. Tea

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@luka did speculate that this activity had summoned him that morning though. thanks to him i had my first DMT experiences, first in my basement and the second in front of william blake's gravestone in bunhill fields 2 minutes from the basement
We bumped into each other that time at the big roundabout near the Bow Church - did you summon me too?

(Or was that an avoiding-Mr-Tea spell that failed to work?)


is not like other people
perhaps you summoned me, tea, or perhaps the meeting was ordained by one more powerful than either of us.


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he was wanking in the gas chamber and also in parks and public toilets if i remember rightly
James Hampton (April 8, 1909 – November 4, 1964) was an American outsider artist from Washington, D.C., who worked as a janitor and secretly built a large assemblage of religious art from scavenged materials known as the Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly, currently on display at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Art critic Robert Hughes of Time magazine wrote that the Throne "may well be the finest work of visionary religious art produced by an American."


Incidentally also the cover of a Denis Johnson poetry anthology of the same name. Lots of fragments in there from his time as homeless junkie too, so the poetry counterparts of Jesus' Son I guess

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