exploits of woops while homeless


in je ogen waait de wind
same as anyone else

after an 8 month stint in the bin they let her out and gave her a flat in islington

dunno really, if they did, they gave no sign of it. i remember after the first night in the basement thinking f*** i'm probably covered in dust and dirt after that. but it never bothered me again after that.

i rang a number, got picked up and taken to a church shelter. after 6 weeks of sleeping in there i was put into a hostel, which was nice, just like student halls really, then after 2 months in there i got a place in a housing association
it's such an incredible story and you talk about it so very casual but to me that gas chamber looks terrifying and i would weep every night. i am positively surprised though that they helped you out with shelters and a place in a housing associating eventually, i guess in some regards the uk is not the neoliberal hell i always imagine it to be?


is not like other people
I've written this which works as an appendix to this thread.

My introduction to the spirit molecule

Roughly 8 years ago an associate of mine gave me a single dose of a substance, which I'd often read about, in herbal form and directed me to make a ritual out of smoking it. I was in a positive and curious frame of mind at the time, not suffering any emotional turmoil. I followed his guidance by heading to a small room where I had constructed a kind of altar out of miscellaneous junk, and sparked up.

Holding the smoke in for a few seconds I had an odd feeling in the pit of my stomach and immediately began to experience elaborate technicolour crystalline hallucinations. My altar seemed to take on a dramatic dimension and sense of meaning. I was aware that this was all the effect of the DMT I had just smoked, though, and decided to see what the world outside was like.

While walking round the block I became aware that reality as I'd been accustomed to seeing it was actually constructed from a series of 2-dimensional planes, like screens, that stood between me and something more mysterious. When I saw a girl's hair blowing in the wind it was quite clear to me that the movement was happening along one of these flat planes. Walking round a corner I felt it was the corner that was turning, as though I were crossing a revolving clock face beneath my feet. These strange impressions and effects were not frightening but very beautiful.

Five minutes later I was back in familiar reality aware that I'd experienced a rare and seemingly profound perception that I could recall in some detail. It may be that there had been some subconscious perceptions made that would remain with me after the immediate effect had worn off - I wouldn't be surprised if this were the case.

It's worth adding that the effect can be very different depending on subject, setting, occasion etc. DMT is not a recreational drug and I've since been wary of taking it if I didn't feel relaxed, confident and "prepared". The experience was certainly unlike any I've had using any other substance. Don't expect a life-transforming shamanic epiphany either - but on the other hand I wouldn't rule it out