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Trumpet Police

Ah yes ( thanks @sufi ) as well as Hamid Al Shaeri disco boogie, there’s Alpha Maid’s stuttering guitar, Yoshiaki Ochi’s aural dreams, Novelist’s religious paean, Nikki Nair’s acid squelch, DJ Mumu to Tuiuti’s bells and whistle baile funk, Olaf Moe’s Norwegian folk, Debit’s Mayan wind instruments, and Fritz Muller proto rave homage to oral sex


Trumpet Police
Track ID here
Alpha Maid DOGGY

2 More Eaze, Claire Rousay art

3 Deux Filles The Snow Falls and the Village Is Overflowing with Children

4 Yoshiaki Ochi Ear Dreamin'

5 Alabaster DePlume Mrs Calamari

6 Earl Sweatshirt Lye

7 Sylvere Toys

8 Rio Da Yung Og Bag Back

9 Eric Chenaux Hello, How? and Hey

10 Jorge Ben Jor Descobri Que Eu Sou Um Anjo

11 Marengo Puente de Esperanza

12 Novelist Stay With Me

13 Vegyn Energy B Thru [136.759 BPM]

14 Commodo Scabz

15 Nikki Nair Startrack

16 DJ Mumu do Tuiuti Aquecimento Afro Funk

17 Turma da Bregadeira, Dj JL O Único Nós É Malvadão Mesmo

18 Huerco S., SIR E.U Plonk IX

19 Flora Yin-Wong Of The Ferns

20 Grouper Followed the ocean

21 Gerycz / Powers / Rolin Lamplighter

22 Olav Moe Tussebrureferde (Lydarlått)

23 Caroline Paton Long Time A-Growing - Live

24 Smerz Flashing

25 Dimzy, Monkey, 67 Sj Executed (feat. Monkey & 67 SJ)

26 Debit 2nd Day

27 Piotr Kurek Key & Stop

28 Carl Stone Ganci

28 Hamid Al Shaeri Yekfini Nesma' Sotak (Habibi Funk 018)

29 DJ Nigga Fox Gás Natural

30 Ewan McVicar, Ikonika Slowing Up the Freak - Ikonika remix

31 Hidden Horse Levitação Magnética

32 Richard Pinhas The Last Kings of Thule (Pt. 2)

33 Fritz Müller Blow Job


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Last night’s show was recorded in Britain’s oldest hospital (founded 1123). It survived the Great Fire, the Blitz and (just about) this earth-shaking mix of disparate organs, surgically assembled by Dr DVD.
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Catching up here. That black lodge track is great, used to see a lot of his graffiti out and about.

I thought it was otis G Johnson and the vocal was gonna come in any second. Either that or a mamman sani track. Really like it.


Trumpet Police

Recording of last night’s show, which features Bubblegum jungle, early grime, Afghan folk, Ukrainian DIY, Sheffield industrial funk, Edinburgh electro, Ecuadorian cumbia, Safrican beats and Senegal cosmo



Trumpet Police

Here’s the stitch show from last night on Repeater - has some distinct segments: a kind of avant/experimental bit at the beginning; a rap/trap/drill phase; a part with retro-tinged uptempo dance; and a JA section towards the end. Also contains 70s minimalist rock, electronica, field recording, psychedelic soul and highlife. It’s fucking brilliant



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I remember buying "street hassle" as a kid and being a little freaked out when I heard the title track. that was some weird scary shit for a teenager in the 'burbs.


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Here’s last night’s Crazy Stitch on Repeater with a BUMPER 42 tracks including entries from 🇸🇴 🇯🇲 🇲🇬🇿🇦 🇯🇵 🇧🇪 🇺🇸 🇧🇷 🇬🇧 🇱🇧 🇹🇿 🇦🇺 🇹🇷 🇮🇷 🇨🇩 & 🇩🇪


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craner sent me a text this evening reading, and i quote
fingering my bumhole, feels like fireworks. a revelation.


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Last night’s show - weirdly forgot to play flyer-star King Sunny Ade but slide guitar sounds were represented by SuperCheri and Grupo Génesis, there was also a couple of tracks by Dublin-surrealists Acid Granny, bits from Peru, Benin, Senegal and Brazil, Åland Islands, new Rick Ross and some proto-kwaito - it’s guaranteed to be 58D64CC7-B0C8-4169-9657-7A47E6638E54.jpegmore riveting than Craner’s bumhole


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Last night’s show - kicks off with my April fools novelty record mash-up (needs a listen but perhaps only once) and goes into the usual array of stuff - with bits of ambient, prog/post-rock, Albanian and Madagascan vintage, grime, surreal Dublin, rap, jazz, R&B, vapourdave and electronica.



Trumpet Police

Last night’s broadcast …with bits from Spain, Slovakia, UK, Croatia, Jamaica, Korea, Greece, Brazil, Côte D’Ivoire, Japan, USA, South Africa and Canada - it has a lively first half and more mellow second. Failure to listen to it means you’ll only be good enough to play for Accrington Stanley. Some wonky mixing in there - which I make no apologies for

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Trumpet Police

Stitch #39 from last night on repeater radio featuring everthing from Maurice Lemaître to ROSALÍA, tracklisting…

1 DJ Hank Mkwa

2 Oksana Linde Orinoco

3 Congotronics International Beyond the 7th Bend

4 Giovanni Fusco Astrale

5 Mica Levi Interlude 2

6 The Steoples Courting Sunshine


8 Alabaster DePlume I’m Gonna Say Seven

9 Various Artists, Pan Ron I Want to Be Your Lover

10 Park Jiha, Roy Claire Potter Saenghwang for the milky boys

11 Lucrecia Dalt The Gardener

12 Yasuaki Shimizu Asate

13 Hamid Al Shaeri Ouda

15 Brother Ah Transcendental March (Creation Song)

16 Laa Lee, Cristale Bong Bing

17 Julmud Basmala

18 Maral lavender's love

19 Roman Norfleet Death's Door

20 Hprizm Signs II Proper Version

21 Fad Gadget The Box

22 Vic Bang Zzii


24 LA Timpa Quarterback

25 Mc Juninho FSF, Bruno Da Colômbia Brota na Minha Base

26 Dj Kuririn, Mc Calvin Boquete em Parafuso

27 Maurice Lemaître, Chœur Marche des barbares blancs

28 Bendik Giske Adjust

28 Whatever The Weather 17°C

29 Bianca Oblivion Selecta

30 Soft-Bodied Humans, Swordman Kitala Ookondoru

31 Gucci Mane, Key Glock, Young Dolph Blood All On it

32 Rosie Lowe, Duval Timothy Gonna Be

33 Ben LaMar Gay We Gon Win

34 Hanno Leichtmann Angel

35 Carl Gari, Abdullah Miniawy Preachers Never Said One True Thing

36 Yes Fun. Always. I'm So Fucking Happy


Trumpet Police

Last’s night Stitch (marking around 2 year doing this - bloody eck!) features a typical assemblage of collage, rap, dancehall, garage, angular pop, folk, r’n’b, cumbia, trap, post-punk, footwork and dissensuscore