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Gentlemen, we've just added a new drink to the menu, name pending, for the daring amongst ye:

-1 part gin
-3 parts sparking water

-1 splash pomegranate molasses
-1 splash blackberry balsamic vinegar

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Cat Malogen
Dr Loosen = yes. Eiswein = not even gewurztraminer spun as candy floss (and I don’t even drink)

After 36hours on the piss = anything for those in said hole


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gin and tap water i remember as surprisingly good. a quarter bottle of vodka and a can of monster energy drink is the best cocktail ive ever invented though


The Wild Drunkard
A new concoction, one I have tasted and can vouch for, even in lieu of a name:

2 oz RE:FIND Kumquat vodka
1/5 oz date molasses
3 generous dashes rhubarb bitters

Devised it halfway through rewatching Casablanca, quite a good cocktail film as it happens.


The Wild Drunkard
In trying to place the geographic origins of the flavors, something sino-indian collectively, I am at a loss for a name. I was considering deriving it from the film, set in Morocco, but I'm not sure how fitting that would be.

I vaguely associate dates with northern africa and the levant, but kumquats and rhubarb, upon cursory investigation, don't seem placeable as such.


The Wild Drunkard
Perhaps trading routes from Asia that move through Morroco may be a basis for the name? Any such history?