version's throbbing penis

  1. ghost

    just wondering how would you know if you were slowly being poisoned, causing serious brain damage

    idk just wondering unrelated here's some ikebana
  2. luka

    the versioncore canon

    drive to live and die in LA sourcerer black rain cop heat manhunter
  3. malelesbian

    The Feminine Perspective against the Manosphere

    I propose that feminine culture can counteract the toxic masculinity endemic to the manosphere. In my previous thread on Judith Butler, many people refused to act feminine even for progressive purposes. That's fine. No one has to be feminine if they don't want to be. My point was that feminine...
  4. sufi

    shortage of rhymes

    is it true that they are running low now? we have exceeded the peak rhyme moment, and almost all the available couplets are exhausted, every possible combination used up by generations of poets bards rappers and lyricists some still scrape a meagre bar or two from neologisms or loan words or...
  5. luka

    I’m stuck in a miserable and futile existence

    woops told me to read this and the comments lol Guardian Pick Beautiful clothes can be bought cheaply at charity shops, as can books. Books can also be borrowed for free if you have a nearby library. Some of us find that walking in local green spaces is a good way to improve our mental...
  6. version

    The Erosion of Dissent

    Anyone else getting the impression dissent is increasingly viewed or painted as exclusively right wing?
  7. luka

    Your Favourite Energy Drinks

    I had half a litre of Monster Nitro today and the taste was lush but the effect was surprisingly lacklustre.
  8. DLaurent

    Room three

    House of God used to have a third room, it played an 'eclectic' mix of music, basically rare grooves from what I remember. I think @thirdform has been to HOG, maybe he will remember? And I'm not sure if other raves had the same thing going on, at least not quite in the same way as Techno in one...
  9. P

    COINBASE for Crypto has come

    Well, it had to happen for thing to keep growing. Myself was and still sceptical esp. on Ethereum - i met the programmers in 2015 and great plans yes, using 2015 tech ? yes ... hey have a hard one as they try to get to 2.0 Meanwhile, floating all crypto boats in a risky way today Coinbase...
  10. S

    The Great British Wank Bank

    When I said British sexuality was body horror, Version found all these quotes of people online talking about Holly Willoughby and how they’d split her asshole open and sniff her sweaty ass crack and all that. I’ve now discovered all these wicked twitters dedicated to wholesome, mumsy daytime TV...
  11. constant escape

    Dissentio Imbibendum

    Dissentio Imbibendum a COMBINATORICS of S P I R I T S a C A L C U L U S of INTOXICATION an ALCHEMY of B U R N I N G W A T E R The thread for cocktails. Pay homage to legendary drinks, or devise your own. Submit recipes to be listed and...
  12. luka

    Hipsters, in hindsight.

    "Shockwave theory understands the hipster as the reassertion of class stratification in the aftermath of the meltdown event at impact site."
  13. J


    I watched 'Theorema' by Pasolini this afternoon before my nightshift, I honestly found it very disturbing and hilariously funny in places, does anyone else have any thoughts on this curious film. (music fans should note it has delicious score by Morricone/Nicolai).