is not like other people
me and woops did about 5 bottles of champagne i spilled some on the typewriter which it didnt like much

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In heat like this, I think a cold Dragon Stout while you're out doing chores in the middle of the day legally counts as no alcohol at all.


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So for a couple years now I've made the occasional batch of limoncello, with lemons from the family lemon tree, and I'm considered branding a small batch of it. Previously, I've distributed it in small corked glass bottles with a wax seal, and a tag, but I don't think I ever landed on a proper name for it.

Any suggestions? For other small batch infusions/tinctures/bitters I've made, I've often chosen a latin name, but this time I may venture from antiquity.


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Perhaps something from the tradition of philosophy or the avant garde? Situationism? 'Derive' would be a good name for an absinthe.

Pataphysics? Regular physics? 'Redshift' could be a good name for a red-colored liqueur.


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The 2011 Port vintage is hailed as a legendary vintage one of the best in decades. All of the major port houses declared the 2011 Port vintage as being of exceptional quality. The avalanche of declarations started with Sogrape, owners of Sandeman and Ferreira, followed by Symington, the company that owns Dows, Graham, Warre, Smith Woodhouse and Cockburn and then Taylor Fladgate, owners of the Fonseca, Croft and Taylor's brands. According to Charles Symington, "The 2011 Vintage Ports are characterised by an unusual combination of elegance with power and structure. Whereas β€œelegant” usually implies lighter-bodied, the 2011s have fantastic aromas and great elegance but are big wines - not an easy balance to achieve." These ports would be an excellent 11 year old wine gift for an anniversary this year, reaching their peak between 2020 and 2050, perhaps even onwards.


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Only the paper plane has lemon in it. If we swapped the lemon for, say, a piece of celery, then perhaps the name Maudier would remain warranted.


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I hereby present a variation on the Greyhound:

1 part vodka
4 parts grapefruit juice
1 part Aperol or Campari

Henceforth known as the Bloodhound