Accents are pretty much always good - amazingly people often admire my accent here. Which is a kind of mumbling accent.


Are you adventurous enough to eat escargot?

I am a big fan of the French way of eating snails when you get a plate with a number of indentations, each holding a decent size and tasty snail which has presumably been cooked in garlic and wine or the like.


Here they make a big thing of the snail season; in spring signs spring up outside every bar proclaiming "Ha caracois" - should you order one you get a plate piled high with thousands of little ones - equally tasty but they do have big dangling tails of poo which some might find a little off-putting. For me it's a filling and tasty dish, but after two or three hours of mechanically munching through a pile that never seems to diminish I feel that the novelty has worn off and it's long past time for a break. You know that saying about how you can have "too much of a good thing"? Turns out they don't have it here.


Alternatively you can get a smaller plate with six or eight bigger ones fried on it. I prefer the little ones but, every now and again the big fuckers can make a nice change I guess.

The other snail option I'm aware of is those sea snails that sometimes come with a seafood platter. My first experience of these was in Germany and henceforth I will always associate these disgusting monstrosities with that country, although to be fair I think I've had them in UK and Portugal too over the years - basically eating one is like chewing for ages on a kind of tough but flabby muscle with no real taste and a commendably strong refusal to go down without a fight. To be avoided at all costs.

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PARIS — As an exercise in style, the tweet from The Associated Press Stylebook appeared to strain taste and diplomacy: “We recommend avoiding general and often dehumanizing ‘the’ labels such as the poor, the mentally ill, the French, the disabled, the college educated.”

At least it looked offensive to the French, or perhaps rather to people of Frenchness, or people with Gallic inclinations, or people under the influence of French civilization. The French noted that they had been placed between the “mentally ill” and the “disabled.”


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My mate works for AP - he’s got to interview Macron on Monday. Needless to say that viral reaction to the style guide has made his job a touch more difficult
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I now work for a french company so I'm constantly exposed/subjected to their accents.

French is the clichéd sexy accent but I actually find that the majority of french ppl speaking English sound quite ridiculous.

As no doubt we sound speaking french.

They're lovely people though, can't fault them on that.
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