@sus pick out some cards, I'm probably going to have to make a WILL AND LAST TESTAMENT soon

I don't care, it's all part of the real 'nuum, the continuum of consciousness, but if I can scatter traces of my existence on this plane then I'll be happy err
Oh no how is your health will kent?? Should you be laying off the rum??


There are plenty of beautiful decks there, I would be honored, but also, must we go there??


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In this Inside the Library session, Laura Bryer will be talking about the collection of Renaissance polymath, Dr John Dee.

John Dee was one of the most remarkable figures in Tudor England, who continues to fascinate us to this day!

By the 1570s, Dee had established what has been referred to as the largest and most diverse library in Elizabethan England.

Of this once fine collection, five books can now be found within Chetham’s Library.

This session will explore how and why the books of this controversial figure joined the collection here at Chetham’s Library.

Suitable for +18