The Meaning of Japan


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Most of what i 'know' about japan is via studio ghibli films (+ ozu, kurosawa, those others you mentioned)

A place with problems, certainly, but also a very gentle place, in tune with nature

Of course that's the sensibility of miyazaki et al

I read a good book about a western woman murdered in japan



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i remember doing a book club on woman of the dunes and one guy was absolutely livid at what he saw as conservative attitudes towards women, which then led to a mini rant about things he didnt like about japanese culture.


bandz ahoy
i just think it's quite widely understood over here that america is full of gun-toting racists whereas the idealisation of japan is like ah those lovely japanese bowing and giggling and being lovely to everyone

ironically, given their antics during ww2

not saying either view is completely accurate – america from this side of the pond is just a more vividly delineated stereotype


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