I never treat the fire emoji ironically, that is a shocking statement to hear. All this time I thought I was getting gassed up. But in fact I was being deflated.


other life did you see this one?

sorry i started reading this on the bus (i do remember this thread, yes) and was actually going to reply to it but i got home and was like "hm. i don't think i will put away my laundry like i keep putting off.. i think i will finish a tune"
kind of been a problem this month


you can make something very pretty, but what poetry really is for is to initiate a person into that relationship with life, and to learn things, and to make contact with larger forces, and to start to get a tiny inkling of what might be going on.

can i ask you to indulge me with a close read of a sort of long one i wrote. i think it's Thematically appropriate/within this particular Meta


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So you can never tell which! "Brilliant!"

I think it's pretty obvious. It's sincere if someone posts something good and ironic if it's something that's obviously bad or ridiculous, like that clip of Connor McGregor suffering involuntary spasms due to drug use.
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How we detect one another
how we find that signal
in the storm.
that once established allows communication as between
equals at the table.
you've found us / you've made it
The expectation of coming aboard the mother-ship – of finding not just one’s own world recapitulated but maybe even having its unknown periphery instantly resonate with others-– shuts down the capacity for shutting down, leaves open a chance for disorientation to set-in.


Mvuent is a lucky guy. When he returns to the forum, his name has enough characters to be searchable, so he can see what everyone said about him while he was gone


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I read this post as basically a sparknotes of The Birth of Tragedy, but it might help a zoomer who's never even heard of Nietzsche come to an understanding of the concept. And it's ridiculous to act as if this flattening isn't the basic practice and ideal form of criticism. If everyone on substack and medium were writing like this I'd chalk that up as a net positive.
nietzsche, eh? i've read that site a few times and usually it's more like watered down simon reynolds/kodwo eshun/luke davis so that's interesting