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The ambush scene in Mohicans has the same build of tension and then release into extreme brutality as the Heat heist. He's definitely good at that dynamic.
Jah jah , both heists @ Heat.
Think it's the first one by the underpass / overhead highway where he slid in the ENB piece


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The soundtrack to The Keep has long been an object of frustration to Tangerine Dream fans - the official versions have all been "music inspired by" or "tangentized" ( ruined by Edgar Froese's tinkering ). A recent TD boxset ( Pilots of the Purple Twilight ) promised to contain the soundtrack but disappointingly just turned out to be more music not in the actual film.. and now there is the promise of a Record Store Day release of the soundtrack which I am guessing will another letdown... some TD enthusiasts reckon that these two youtube uploads are close though:

More Keep trivia - there was a board game based on the film:


and also a Dungeons & Dragons adventure!


Long before the pyramids in Egypt were built, two demi-gods were locked in a struggle to decide the fate of mankind. Throughout the centuries, the necromancer Molasar made unholy war against the people of Earth. To sate his evil needs, he was responsible for hundreds of disasters and wars including the Black Death!
Then in 1476, the forces of light imprisoned him in THE KEEP, a magically protected fortress. But 500 years later, in April 1941, a small band of German Wehrmacht soldiers occupied THE KEEP and unsuspectingly disturbed the Evil One's forced slumber. The battle begins again and you are invited to join the struggle at...


THE KEEP is a faithful and detailed fantasy roleplaying adventure based on the major Paramount Picture's film release of the same name.
Not only will it pit you against the forces of death and evil, but also against the might of the German S.S. THE KEEP features a new set of rules and charts that lets you include modern weaponry and tactics in fantasy adventures. It is designed for three to six characters from ninth to twelth level and is suitable for use with all popular roleplaying systems including Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.
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Schooly D - Saturday Night - King of New York


I'll die happy once I've recreated this

( ok, I know this a typical Monday afternoon at @IdleRich 's pad, but still.. I can dream )


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Keeping it topical, Ferrara directed a few episodes of Miami Vice and did the pilot for Mann's Crime Story.