version or corpsey?

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Luke just started this thread to create a space for Corpsey to discourse on the subject of himself. He’s trying to divert it from Lads WhatsApp.


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Well, Jack's the dark heart of Albion. He’s an avatar of a distinctly English sickness. His eyes burn with the flames of Blake’s Satanic mills. He’s Fred West. He’s Tesco white bread prawn sandwiches. He’s abusive tweets sent to Dianne Abbot and tearing hijabs off of muslim women on the bus. He’s jammy dodger crumbs amassing in a spunk- and glutton-filled belly button. He’s a drum and bass compilation CD. He's a night out at the Ministry of Sound. He’s a couple of loose polos dispersed between the used tissues in a car's glove compartment. He’s intoxicated hooliganism on a Mediterranean lads holiday and leering at 15 year old girls walking past a building site.

So while I’m obviously impartial, I would say that a vote for Jack is literally a vote for the worst person who’s ever existed.


Binary & Tweed
Says it all



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plus corpsey sent us a picture of his cock & balls but version hasnt even sent us a picture of his face yet


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fat greasy flaccid penis. very respectable organ in all honesty. dont have a bad word to say about it.