My family just got a Henry H001 lever-action repeater ("Made in America, or not Made at All" TM), colloquially known as a garden gun.
Kinetically I'm still at the start of the learning curve, but mentally I've gotten used to the visual frame of holding a gun, due to over a decade of first-person shooter video games. In that frivolous sense, it's almost second nature. The advantage there is partial, but perhaps psychologically critical.
I had my first lesson maybe seven months ago, from my fellow off-grid neighbor, and I was told I was a natural.
We were shooting at an old, punctured propane tank across the gulch, and I managed to hit it with one of her handguns, which she said she had never done. The echo would boldly reverberate through the ravine.


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why do you have a credit card in your mouth, and what are those people doing in your back seat? do you know them? a bit disturbing.


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He's trying to get a copy of Coltrane's Crescent out of his CD player whilst driving with Luka having a mystical experience in the back.
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