And the irony and eccentricity are critical too. Only the irony seems to be more playful than usual, in the case of quirk. Thats what would specialize it within postmodernism.
I think John Mulaney is a great example of mainstream quirk, how quirk can appeal to more than it usually does.

There is a sort of playfulness that is exercised as a departure from a sort of postmodern numbness and emotional withdrawal. The kind of austere undertones that characterize Mulaney, in my opinion, instantiate this.


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ive never seen a wes anderson on the grounds that the stills tell you all you need to know
Mon Uncle has to be seen. Mulaney is a gimp compared to Tati
I've only seen Mr. Hulot's holiday and half of Playtime, but yeah that is one I overlooked. Those I would definitely describe as quirky.

Also haven't seen any Pee Wee films, but maybe those qualify as well.

Mr. Bean is dank quirk.


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i didnt mention breathless. that was a digression into the aesthetics of indie girls


Cat Malogen
the master

quirkiness always registers as affectation. that is why it is so irritating

Perhaps in the more ersatz cases, yes. I'd say Deschanel enters that territory, which makes sense because her quirkiness exploded into the mainstream and had to be sustained at unnatural levels. But tell me Gabriel Garcia Bernal isn;t genuinely quirky in The Science of Sleep,