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I had some airwalks, I saved up to buy them, they were 60 quid. I think it was when I was 14, cos I worked a Saturday job and they were the first thing I bought. I spent a lot of time getting the laces right. They were blue with tan stripes.


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Not mine, as if i'd get caught dead listening to anything but Oasis, but saw this edition of spotify's annual report on us all, and thought of the messy myspace part of this discussion from the other day. actually i saw this on another forum with someone commenting about how bad the graphic design is.


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another dick is that australian pisshead dustin something

Dollin, I think he's been permanently pissed for about fifteen years now.

I looked him up the other day and he's still doing it. He's early 40s now and has had something like eight knee surgeries, everyone else has stopped drinking and calmed down a bit and he's still leaping off huge stuff and sinking beers.

There's a recent video part that's quite moving for anyone who's been into skating and known who he is for a while as he's clearly not able to do it quite as well as he used to and he doesn't get up as quickly as he once did. You can't picture him doing anything else though. He's the last man standing for almost an entire era of skateboarding.

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when they turn him over he looks like an old drunk whose just stumbled out of a bar. if you only saw that part you would never guess this was the second half of a skate clip.

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If you ever watch old top of the tops on bbc4, in the late 70s ones- even the odd early 80s ones i.e shakin stevens etc- there are these weird anomalies of 1950s style greaser bands or styles popping up, i guess coinciding with happy days and grease etc

I think it looks really bizarre now

Anyway if you look at the timescales there is no difference is there