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they've said i can dj 2-4 at the christmas party next weekend. They're putting me in 'Room 3' which is the green shipping container, i just need to provide my own allen and heath mixer and that needs to be given to them in advance.



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i'm starting to like the sound of this place maybe a trip to slaith waite is warranted after all.


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Actually Marsden which is next village along. The tunnel, Standedge, is reputed to be the most expensive bit of tunnelling in the UK, going through the Pennines for several miles.

When I did this graffiti talk a few years ago, this couple I was chatting to at the end said they did urbexing and had been in the tunnels, they were spectacular. But did not hear about this.

In the mid 1980s I was policing out of Slaithwaite. In a quiet moment on Sunday a colleague and I borrowed the key from the Marsden signalman and drove into the closed tunnels to explore.

With the help of a torch, I could see a number of symbols painted in white on the walls of The Cathedral including, in a high position, a pentagram.

Certainly someone had gone to quite some trouble to leave those occult symbols, although that in itself does not prove that the space was actually used for rituals.



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It's actually really upsetting for me to live here, as a commuter, cos I am from Huddersfield, and the trains tell me I'm not. To me, the 'wit is Huddersfield