Woodworking, metalworking.... just making stuff really


Cat Malogen
The 3rd Act, their wedding photo and then her acceptance of the Final Reality

Admit I didn’t notice the live hamster in among the alien cocks, mmmmmm, alien cocks


A while back I purchased a device for cutting bottles. Had a first crack at it today with an old champagne bottle. The device really holds the bottle while you turn it and score a cut into it, and then you alternately pour boiling and ice cold water on the mark. To my surprise the bottle did indeed split roughly along the line - although it could have been a lot nearer.


I have a cable with a switch that runs straight to a bulb. I will need to fix the bulb holder inside the bottle and then attach the whole contraption to a stand of sorts in a way that allows the bulb to be changed... any tips?


Anyone know anything about soldering? If I buy some cheap thing like this off Amazon is that a good place to start?


I remembered this thread... obviously I have done literally nothing towards any of the stuff I mentioned. Now I could say I've been concentrating on organising film night... but I could have done both. Bringing this to the fore to shame myself into doing something... if that fails I will try hypnotism.


It's a bit weird that making things out of hard things is an almost exclusively pastime whereas making things out of soft things is almost exclusively female.