Beast of Burden
You ignoramus I've written tens of thousands of words already these themes. not only do I know about naiads I know about oceanides and potamoi. not only do I know about the accumulatino of sediment but I also know about the processes of erosion, attrition, and abrasion, and how differences in fluid speed acceleration and the surface area to mass ratio of the particulate alters how and whether these processes take place. ive catalogued the typical composition of silt, researched the most common organic and inorganic particulates (quartz, feldspar) and learned about the sorting process of granules of sands on a beach in the tides. ive read twains accounts of the mississippi and dickens' description of riverboats as wedding cakes. i know the ratio of cords of wood burned by a riverboat per day to the number of cords used to heat an average new england home in winter. i can describe the composition of coquina depositions and compare and contrast the almond shape of braid bars with the crescent shapes of point bars to the deardrop shape of deltaic mouth bars. i know the primary ways to prevent erosion and its primary accelerators. i can list the ten greatest discoveries of the mudlarks on the thames and how the white sands of hawaiian beaches are the skeletons of coral digested by parrotfish.

Don't be so gullible, you know I love America.
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