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Id rather not flood the page with examples but anime cosplay girls, tik tok/ instagram girls and things like that. This is not a thread where gus posts 'based' brooklyn women who blog in new york, its to discuss the most shameless appeals to the contemporary libido. On my page I was recommended one of those anime cosplay girls, despite having no real interest in anime, and I felt more than anything the need to do bodily harm to myself, but in the French way. I thought this must mean something, this is different than the 90s/aughts consumerist critique of libido, we are in a new place. This is probably obvious but I dont know if weve ever discussed it head on

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The 'ahegao face' deserves some scrutiny, I think.

Sexy in 2022:

hqdefault (1).jpg

Sexy in 1945:


Not to wax Cranerian about how pin-ups just aren't what they used to be, but all the same, I'm not sure it's an improvement.
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In the aughts the sex symbols were the shiny people who live far away from you. And there was something obviously fake and trashy about it that fed into the whole experience- photoshop, plastic surgery, prestige. Fake perfect people in a real, or at least relatable world. And that there was a need for augmentation actually made the entire thing more viscerally sexual in the way it nodded towards earthly imperfections. Now the people are real- the random girl in yugoslavia is without the means for surgery or photoshop- but the sample size is infinite. the algorithm finds the 1 in 1 million perfect symbol every time. theres no element of imperfection- your looking at sprites, angels, unearthly beings. And they stylize themselves in an unreal way. Even those not specifically doing cartoon cosplay are are out of space and time in that the spaces they are photo'd in give no acknowledgment to any space outside the room. the screen is the entire context. Real perfect people in a fake world.


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My question is why you wanted to do bodily harm to yourself. Is that a roundabout way of saying you wanted to rub one out? I don't get it. The pictures are so weird they make you feel violent.