Deep Electro

Theres pleasing stuff when this hyper melodic acid is sequenced in ableton but it can also feel too clean and fairy like


Cat Malogen
A few of the 20:20 Vision faces went down this path, Random Factor/Carl Finlow, Paul Woolford even Jesper Dahlbäck of The Persuader/SVEK infamy

Not really a fan


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I got one or more records with that three eyed acid face, can't really remember what it/they sound like though. I tried to dig out but couldn't find. This one is extremely clean though isn't it? Kinda antiseptic.
This sounds like goa trance


Can turn naughty


Dj Godfather 🔥


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I've been on a DrumFunk trip recently too, well.. Polska and Pieter K tunes anyway. Will check out the links and suggestions, especially the documentary.
Can’t be overstated how underrated the analord series is if you’re willing to invest in it. Stunning melodies
Yeah kind of. You would actually love it if you dropped certain prejudices. It’s not dance music at all but begins from that format, and it’s so fussy and tbh obnoxious but there are moments of beauty that have left me frankly speechless


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Went to Lion & Lamb a few weeks back for craig richards and radioactiveman, a lot of amazing electro played. Drexciya and affiliated are the obvious starting point for deeper serious stuff. For UK stuff 'deeper' through the 90s means IDM, so obv aphex, autechre, the artificial inteligence warp compilation is a good start. There's also loads of amazing stuff on the less serious side getting into 00s electroclash but not full trashy tripe. Ivan smagghe's suck my deck mix, radioactiveman fabric mix. The best deep electro song is drexciya digital tsunami , followed by bike by autechre, followed by the first one on analogue bubblebath 3

lion and lamb ye, you'll fuck with this guest mix, hour in