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a country which is at least 90% immigrants is, at a minimum, quite interesting. this feeling of everyone trying to figure one another out


Anyone ever been to Dubai? I refuse to even transit there after the grooverider affair.
been nicked in dubai actually, pre-grooverider era, it was a comical caper, the cops were plainclothes and seemed to be going for the Hill St Blues/Village People effect, all leather and tonsure, filthy juggling euro hippies were a source of great curiosity and mirth to them

i didnt see any desert there


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What I saw in dubai was a lot of plastic pipes for the water and a single thickness of sktlyscrpers.


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I get a bit of the same feeling from the desert that you do from the classic vaporwave images- and endless grid with an assortment of greek statues, palm trees, and an internet explorer dialogue box. when theres nothing at all the appearance of anything makes sense. theres a reason why so many modernist surrealism paintings are in desert zones.


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@version please share the excerpt of baulrdillard driving very fast in the desert. its silly but it also perfectly captures a desert feel

"Speed creates pure objects. It is itself a pure object, since it cancels out the ground and territorial reference-points, since it runs ahead of time to annul time itself, since it moves more quickly than its own cause and obliterates that cause by outstripping it. Speed is the triumph of effect over cause, the triumph of instantaneity over time as depth, the triumph of the surface arid pure objectality over the profundity of desire. Speed creates a space of initiation, which may be lethal; its only rule is to leave no trace behind. Triumph of forgetting over memory, an uncultivated, amnesic intoxication. The superficiality and reversibility of a pure object in the pure geometry of the desert. Driving like this produces a kind of invisibility, transparency or transversality in things, simply by emptying them out. It is a sort of slow-motion suicide, death by an extenuation of forms - the delectable form of their disappearance. Speed is not a vegetal thing. It is nearer to the mineral, to refraction through a crystal, and it is already the site of a catastrophe, of a squandering of time. Perhaps, though, its fascination is simply that of the void. There is no seduction here, for seduction requires a secret. Speed is simply the rite that initiates us into emptiness: a nostalgic desire for forms to revert to immobility, concealed beneath every intensification of their mobility. Akin to the nostalgia for living forms that haunts geometry."


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hearing the monolith: the flitting of near-imperceptible matter, snickering winds, violent roaring winds, the subtle shifts of the atmosphere, a pause filled by the subterranean rumble of a train approaching, etc.


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The desert knows only allies and accomplices - Brion Gysin

Got to explore the The Kyzylkum Desert in autum aeons ago as part of a charity fundraiser my Dad organised. Zero humidity, a converted 4x4 rental laden with water and hydration rations. Guides were solid and traded you x for western cigarettes. Ate some novelty sheep eyeballs like holding a piece of fruit and chomping like a maniac trying not to spew chunks. The worst shits in a dust storm, huddled behind a tent ass getting sand blasted literally had to hand wash due to sand/butt friction

What I remember the most were these enormous nighttime skyscapes of stars. Lying on a dune looking up smashed on hash after another lamb dinner of unknown delicious organs. People talk about skyscapes and star clarity but this gaff really had it going on. Took a small charter to Astana and then off to Tian Shan mountain range for winter. Have some photos somewhere, (sketchy day) will try to upload although many are of my Dad barking orders about gridref points, maps and engines prolapsing

Never got to Texas or the US SW and always regretted it, even more so after reading Blood Meridian


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never hiked but have driven eight hours through west Texas, a bit in Arizona and around Palm Desert. blistering in the day, but can get cold at night. so many stars visible at night, I'm used to them being obscured by the city lights.




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i lived 6 years in a dsert country never went desert, couldnt be arsed. why? boring as fuck, no shops, full of serial killers and rapists