shit in art galleries


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Would you have done Ulrika 20 years ago? Have to say yes. Where are the satsumas. When Stan Colleymore roughed her up, not only did he besmirch all women, he besmirched all doggers too. I can see HmmmGuv being an Ulrika stalwart, until she had breast reduction

What was the question again

my psycho ex really wanted us to do a threesome with Ulrika ( did Ulrika have large breasts? I think that was mentioned on more than one ocassion by her? my psycho ex seemed extremely keen on that aspect ), so maybe yeah, but the opportunity never arose and it was all her idea / fantasy, so maybe I'm ambivalent


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Tor, 2023 MAXWELL WILLIAMS methyl benzoate and piperonal 50mL | Edition of 1 | $450
composed of the two molecules commonly used to train drug-sniffing dogs to detect cocaine and MDMA

artist statement: "Tor" is a minimalist perfume that explores the power of scent as a means of detection. The artwork is a unique fragrance composed of only two molecules, methyl benzoate and piperonal, which are commonly used in the training of drug-sniffing dogs as a means to detect cocaine and MDMA respectively. Through this work, I seek to confront the complex relationship between perfume and surveillance. I am specifically calling this a perfume, as it challenges the wearer; the wearer must be aware of the situation upon which they are able to don the perfume. E.g. the wearer cannot wear this perfume to the airport or other places where canine law enforcement might be present or it poses a risk to the wearer.

Despite its simplicity, this perfume is a testament to the power of scent to provoke. It is a sensory experience that invites the viewer to question their own relationship with scent, and to consider the ways in which scent can be used to manipulate and control.

about Maxwell Williams: Maxwell Williams is a perfumer, olfactory artist, researcher, DJ/producer, and writer based in Los Angeles. Williams’ work places smell in the context of performance, research, sculpture, and photography to explore a personal history of sadomasochism, techno and gabber raves, global trade routes, heartbreak, and the psychology behind the hedonics of scent. Williams’ perfume brand UFO Parfums is a fine fragrance project, inspired by rave culture, and always gender-spectral. They have held solo exhibitions and performances at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; the Institute for Art and Olfaction, Los Angeles; Galerie de Thorigny, Paris; and more. Previously, Williams was a figure in the art, fashion, and journalism worlds, serving as an editor at several global art and fashion magazines. They sit on the board of the Institute for Art and Olfactio


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in my inbox, from the smell gallery in two bridges. absolutely brilliant.

This Thursday at 8pm Lion Wintersea will perform a scent-retrieval seance inquiring into a specific scent material's hidden phenomenological and etymological origins- the helional/methylanthranilate Schiff Base. This journey into the spirit realm is in an attempt to lift a curse that some say was placed upon it by its namesake, the 19th century chemist Hugo Schiff. This curse is referred to by occult cognoscenti as the Helionosmia Hex.

The purpose of this seance will be to peel away layers of scent and social capital to discover the possible material origin of the curse. Renowned spirit channel Lion Wintersea will lead a scent retrieval in which we will deconstruct an iconic perfume from the late 20th century to retrieve a hidden aromatic material contained within it.

A dark tale will unfold as we attempt to call forth the tortured ghost of chemistry professor Hugo Schiff and unburden his soul of its bitterness.

Blindfolds will be provided; there will be an offering of pie, consumed in the name of hex clearing.
Hannah Marcus is a music writer and performer, and olfactory explorer. She has performed and recorded with Matana Roberts, artist Nina Katchadourian, members of Godspeed You!Black Emperor and many others.
As Lion Wintersea she is starting an olfactory cult in which she channels a 40,000 year old kumquat who divines the immediate future through smelling scent-infused citrus, and is working on a musical based on the life of chemist Hugo Schiff. She also has a cajun band, an ambient noise duo called Wintersea Playboy, and an experimental folk trio called Resident Aces. She loves to play with scent in both unexpected and familiar ways.


I'm surprised at how different it sounded. actually it's almost like a different activity to listening to music on a system like that. there's an extra degree of physicality and space.

I'm pretty sure I mentioned before going to the Xenakis thing, quite possibly in this very thread. But that's exactly how it was - I was really dragged there pretty much against my will cos we were out the night before and wouldn't sleep and the last thing I fancied doing was going to a classical music concert however avant-garde... however the light show was completely mind blowing and the sound were so physically present you could feel big lumps of it sliding past your head, stretching and twisting around you, you felt you could reach out and grab it. And in fact it was only enhanced by the lack of sleep etc

The piece of "music" was this which, well, I dunno what you will make of it, but I would say that if the concert was like watching Avatar in 3d on the floor be story high IMAX thing, this is watching it on a tiny black and white portable

I've mentioned that gig, concert, performance, show whatever it was a few times and that's because it was the single best thing I've seen in... years, if not ever. I didn't expect something to completely change my ideas like that, make me reconsider what was possible etc I'd love to see that performance again, or better yet, more stuff in the same vein in that venue with the glasd wall into garden with that soundsystem and that lightshow. I have a feeling they built the lights specifically for that gig and it would seem such a waste if they just took it apart again afterwards.


in my inbox, from the smell gallery in two bridges. absolutely brilliant.

Nearest I've experienced to this was the Chanel exhibition at the Saatchi gallery near Sloane Square, as well as all the dresses etc there was a room with huge vats if potions leading to number five I guess. If I remember rightly the name came from her selecting her favourite from a selection of numbered jars, although I think that's something I had in my mind previously rather than learned at the exhibition.

To be honest I don't think it was even pretending to be art but it was more fun than ninety percent of art exhibitions. In fact I think it was some special evening one-off evening thing that someone wangled tickets for, I remember we got quite a nice bag as a freebie.


When we were in Edinburgh we had very little time but we kinda ran in and out of a few galleries.

There was one thing which for me was pretty effective, it was a video about borders and it talked about various issues but was inspired I think by a library that happens to be built literally on the border such that parts of it are in the US and other parts are in Canada. This is of particular interest because apparently there are numerous refugee families cruelly split by immigration laws and so on. I don't quite get the details but it seems that there are some who can't enter the US (which I understand) and some who couldn't leave (which I don't really understand), or perhaps they just couldn't enter Canada.

Whatever the minutiae of the rules, it boiled down to loads of families and friends separated by the border, but, you've guessed it, they could meet up in the reading room of the library. In fact it had become such a thing that people would travel long distances to meetings arranged there and the library staff had recognised this and relaxed the rules which would normally have required silence.

A simple tale but quite poignant the way it was told and then it was woven together with other things. There was a guy I think in Mexico who fired a bullet that killed somebody on the other side of that border in the US - a tricky problem in international law about jurisdictions which on the face of it appeared to be a unique curio, but then the film moved on to drone pilots in the US killing people on the other side of several borders half way across the world...

So the film was quite a clever mixture of individual stories and one-offs that grew into thought-provoking issues with wider implications. I think there were maybe a few other artefacts and bits of text scattered around, presumably with the purpose of changing a film into a film+ ie an installation. But from what I saw the ephemera was really just a distraction and an afterthought that made you think "Yeah, why is this film in an art gallery not a cinema?". I can't begin to answer that but I thought it was a good film.


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Went to see the Marina Abramović retrospective at the Royal Academy. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect and the first couple of rooms were ok - photos of some her performances, props etc but the middle rooms had big projections of some the films which worked really well and then I had to pass through a doorway with a naked man and woman there - literally squeeze between. The whole thing was kind unsettling and I suppose challenging. Left the gallery not sure if I liked it but certainly felt like she had done something quite powerful.


and then I had to repeatedly pass through a doorway with a naked man and woman there - literally squeeze between - because I kept leaving things behind on the other side.
Here are a few things that the typical visitor to such exhibitions would find even more challenging:

a) Stepping into Poundland without feeling ashamed
b) Buying a Take That album
c) Wearing Lonsdale trainers


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So apparently Spike Lee has a piece of my grandmothers, and it is in need of some repair. My mom, daughter of Betye Saar, is professionally capable of and designated to repair some of these pieces, and is currently repairing spike lees piece.


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was watching a show about sorieties at the university of alabama and noticed that a lot of the 18 year old girls down there have neon signs spelling out rooms in thier bedrooms, which is a direct copy of things that tracey emin was doing in the mid-90s. i can't be the first person to have noticed this. great example of how the art world eventually spills over into the rest of the world.


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So apparently Spike Lee has a piece of my grandmothers, and it is in need of some repair. My mom, daughter of Betye Saar, is professionally capable of and designated to repair some of these pieces, and is currently repairing spike lees piece.
what piece is it if i may ask?