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One for Shaka and Hands' convo the other day about Americans and age kinks / incest.


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A distinction should be made between MILFs and cougars. I question whether many people would LF this crew.


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none of these people walked away from the show when they discovered the real reason they were there, they deserve everything that happens to them, for better and for worse
Perhaps the reason @Leo is so adamantly emphasizing this distinction, is because he feels like his reality dating show idea, Cougar Cove (patent pending), has been ripped off.
Leo has DMed me extensively about this show idea, but like an amateur he never asked me to sign an NDA. Seems this is a real passion project for him, warranting even some hefty personal investments.

Thanks to his college buddy who now manages IT at a well-known cougar dating site, Leo has access to a gold mine of relevant user data. His recruitment team is now able to reach out specifically to cougars whose data depicts them as serial maneaters, a metric which happens to be a good proxy for watchability, in reality TV terms.
During the filming of the pre-pilot, beyond which I'm unsure if this production has extended, there was a rather comical crafty snafu.

Apparently one of the PAs wasn't informed properly and ended up placing an order for literal cougar food, in place of catering for the figurative cougars. Because the filming took place on an island, and the catering contract couldn't be amended in time to prevent the wrath of hangry cougar divas, the contestants ended up having to snarf down a bunch of zoo-grade meat.


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the slow seeping of porn into the mainstream is an interesting development i think. as i keep going on about ad nuseum, this thing of stuff that has emerged out of the internet is really of the moment. 'milf manor' isn't exactly subtle, it's the kind of name that a video on pornhub would have. porn in general being a mass and super inflential cultural form in recent years.

i saw a bit of a recent-ish love island episode the other day, i'd never seen it before, i was a bit surprised that the creul aspects of reality TV are still going (coz i don't see any of that at all). i think i just assumed that it was a thing of the past and probably it has been toned down a bit. there was a bit on it where some hapless geezer had to hang about while the sexy girl he'd been paired with decided to go off with this italien sex god character, the rules of the show were set up to make it inevitable (five girls and five guys paired up, and then they surprised them with an additional sixth guy who gets to choose whichever girl he wants to be paired up with). the drama was coming from watching this guy suffer a particular kind of emotional wound, that's it, that was the only thing it was possible to get out of it.