the slow seeping of porn into the mainstream is an interesting development i think.
Maybe not that slow but yeah. On Saturday I had some people round for dinner and we were talking about anal bleaching (after dinner) - Wikipedia says it was porn stars that did it first - which makes perfect sense of course - and, thinking about it, I reckon is maybe the first thing I've heard of that originated in porn (as opposed to say Brazilians which may have been popularised therein) to, er, penetrate the mainstream. Porn leading rather than following?

It's a weird, almost invisible subculture where apparently everyone is watching it, but on their own, so people don't really know anything beyond their own experience of it. I think that this hidden nature contributes to insecurities arising from it, cos if seeing lots of bleached ani makes you feel uncomfortable about yours, you can hardly check lots of others to see how you match up.


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This thread makes me wish nomadologist still posted here. She'd have had a field day.


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I genuinely can't watch this programmes. The combination of boredom and savage mortifying embarrassment is just too much for me.