best & worst wetherspoons


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london is much more strictly segregated on class and ethnic lines than it used to be, millenialls hate mixing, it gives them 'anxiety', but wetherspoons is the one exception to the rule. you do actually get all sorts there.
Good thing I saw this as I was about to make exactly the same observation.

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Lewisham and Catford both full of lunatics historically, same with the one that was at the bottom of Rye Lane but thats probably gentrified now.

Its full of knobheads during the week but Knights Templar near Fleet St is very nice and ornate.


Cat Malogen
Don’t drink so weatherspoons is more a gaff to get a munch and take 5. Insanely consistent just as long as you avoid chips. Diet coke and a meal under a tenner isn’t bad, isn’t always good either

They seem to be located at venues which serves as confluences for pub clientele who probably lost their local and a few more pubs too, Britain being as it is. The BK of pubs

Of the few I know here one is loose, entire families mix with workers and near enough every description of human imaginable drinks in there, another I could score fentanyl, benzos or tranqs inside 20 seconds, miles apart in terms of safety if you’re with female or colleague company and it all kicks off

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Just remembered the time I went into The Other Spoons:

I had to come into town so I thought I'd drop into the Wetherspoons I never go in for a quick pint before the parking expires.

There is a possessed man bellowing his head off at nothing, and the barman who served me is literally wearing a bodycam.

Mr. Tea

"can't soundclash" according to a VERY HARD MAN
I've come to think of that combo of typeface and colours as 'Wash San Serif'.


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Trent Bridge is an alright area for a spoon, easy on the eye, multiple sports venues and the river itself. Very old dear territory though, no mistaking an array of certain fragrances etc when you walk in. Less student-centric so they lose a ton of custom

Their ubiquitous presence is hard to ignore and even avoiding alcohol it’s been revealing how many venues they command



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mare st one on Thursday night. like the angel spoon, which is up for sale i hear, it has no windows at all.


When I see a pub on telly with someone getting in a couple of pints I do get a tear in my eye... as a rule they don't select a Wetherspoons for that kind of scene, but I guess they could.
I turned on the telly today and saw The Rock and The Stath going into the Carpenters Arms on Hackney Road but the interior was a bit different to how I remembered - in that it was now an underground garage filled with supercars - so I turned it off.