best & worst wetherspoons


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its this annoying intrusive arab bartender sticking a camera in the face of all the early morning alcoholics in the brockley wetherspoons and they#re all giving him the finger and telling him to fuck off. they all absolutely hate him but they need their morning £2 pint of carling


Cat Malogen
o fuck off why are you so annoying

Notes during a working Sunday lunch

Dead air and quiet despair, camera picks out 20,000 steps a day starter routine of meaningless tasks reinforced by a slight echo to footsteps, further presencing human absence. You can feel him trying to rise above the place using verbal cues, not bigoted more this is going to be boring as fuck, let’s tease a few gits and laugh at the sodium pumped pig swill breakfast

Features - a bandit (the one near work routinely has staff say “hasn’t dropped for a week” because they know there’s a clinic nearby and other associated bandit myths), tables not worn by time so it all looks hygiene friendly and scrubbed, soulless kitchen with a lone lad doing 8-8 on a Sunday, suspect 75% of the board has been in his position

Serving alcohol alongside beverages like coffee is a £ maker at scale. Observe how morning drinkers want to be left alone in peaceful shame, whereas coffee ordererer asks questions back. I have to ask how did the filmer not get bottled? You see certain forms of English reticence in his footage, although if it was more recent clip people would perform and throw made up MS13 gestures. Cam crew had the sense to only pester the older urchin punters, yet forgets they’re still game. And cunning. Draw you in saying they can’t quite hear you and >>>crack<<<

What I miss about pubs, venues which this chain has slowly supplanted, wasn’t their nuanced or blunt/lethal character so much as their proximity and ltd scope - lethargic conviviality, beer, lager, cider, spirits, crisps, nuts, scratchings, plywood bog screen may have served as toilet, worn benches, a dartboard and cherry on top = pool table. How many landlords now deal coke? With reduced choices you have to be more creative financially and the majority of long-term alcoholics are financially creative at sourcing sustainable units of alcohol, knowing where the £ margins are. This video illustrates the capitalist end game of such supply and demand