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pass the sick bucket
i've only done ketamine a couple of times. it's ok, though not at all conducive to dancing, and i find it strange that it's become so popular throughout the dance music universe.

psycore friggin PWNS. i've always hated psytrance, but cranked up to 200+ bpm, it ceases to be a dance music, and instead becomes simply a cool noise you can luxuriate in while munted. FABULOUS.

Ok but I'd rather just pitch up my Parmegiani, Pierre Henri, or Stockhausen collection in that case.

Or Ilhan Mimaroglu - Wings of the Delirious demon from 1969, which is brainfuckdarksidepsychedelicardkore avant-la-lettre.


Cat Malogen
Another track Hawkins broke, last few years of outdoor chug thumping

He introduced me to a Subhead choon by having the courtesy to name it which is beyond rocking but work is too full on and can’t multitab, ffs memory, hate having the disc in your mind but you can’t name it crashing through ltd YT dead ends


Cat Malogen
is the phili t thread still up there? can waste away an afternoon reading that.

don’t know squire, only aware because there was a series of semi-legendary posts way back about a crusty cliche with a grotesque scat kink he tried to indulge at every unimaginable juncture, Craner thinks I’m grubby but this was the rawest piss take of the entire ketno world over a few months intermingled with monstrous horror, wish it was still available and someone had done a synopsis on its scope of symbolism


pass the sick bucket
don’t know squire, only aware because there was a series of semi-legendary posts way back about a crusty cliche with a grotesque scat kink he tried to indulge at every unimaginable juncture, Craner thinks I’m grubby but this was the rawest piss take of the entire ketno world over a few months intermingled with monstrous horror, wish it was still available and someone had done a synopsis on its scope of symbolism

yeah, that's the philie-t thread!

Mr. Naga Pickle

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looks like it's gone forever :(
Find out What it's like Squatting



woke up today, there is condensation on the inside the window, i fell asleep with a fag in my mouth and my face is covered in sweat and ash, i also forgot to wipe my bum and my arse crack feels sticky and smelly, i rub my fingers around my arse hole,yep a lot of shit there, oh joy of joy! my mobiles ringing, "hello" Shit, i can really smell my arse smelling fingers now, "who is it?" ...."Its neil" "who?"..."Neil, this is darren?"...."nah its phil, wrong number mate" I hung up and looked around for something to eat i got fuck all money and it looks like im gonna have to raid the bins at the back of Tescos.

3pm - after finding half a roast chicken in the bin at the back of Tescos i head home, shit, someoness been in and nicked all my books..im crying now, for the love of baby jesus its not fair, i do a big line of pink 'K',..

5pm - i realised i wet myself last night and my sleeping bags is soaking with piss, looks like im using 4 jumpers as a duvet tonight, which is a shame cause its like minus 5 degrees outside, bitter, im freezing and cunting well hungry.

6pm - We have no electricity in the house so i try to pass the time by taking a Valium, ive done so many downers now they really dont do much i fall asleep for 20 minutes and then wake up when i realise there is a mouse crawling over my leg...oh mummy go away u horrid little rat.

7pm - i smoke a spliff with 98% baccie from a chipped fag and a bit of solid, my friend Simon comes round and tells me we are having a party in my bedroom, like it or not.

9pm - the guests start arriving, im shivering now, my cocks shrivelled up, tummys rumbling, just had a shit and couldnt wipe my arse again. Brian sets up the rig in the corner
and the sounds of Chris Liberator start getting blasted out, i huddle up to my jumpers, but someone spills his stella on my head. im freezing and feel sick.

12pm - It sounds like the same song being played again and again, plus iive now got an ash tray on all my clothes plus someone was sick in my piss ridden sleeping bag.?dad

1am- chris liberator comes over, hes really friendly and nice and gives me 20p, i find it hard to not like him, even if his music is contemptable

2am - some one just got glassed in the face and they are bleeding all over me, i get handed a giant skunk spliff which has been dipped in heroin, i pass out..

to be continued...

Today, seems like another one of those days, i woke up with a present on my lap..guess what??? yep, a rat. a dirty, smelly little rat who wouldnt even move when i tryed to hit
him away, the little begger had eaten my breakfast (read about 20 pringles and 2 slices of processed cheese). You know that feeling where you cant even cry anymore, where you have cryed
and cryed and cryed your eyes out? im there, i just have to laugh now, my karma is at an all time low.

So i have no breakfast, ive eaten less in a week than most in a month and i have a nasty cold sore on my face, God i could do with a wash. i really do stink, and i mean really stink.a bath
my squat for a bath!! haha, anyway if u cant laugh at things in this life you would go mental. My squat mate Ian has his shiny black dog he found, hes tied up on string to the kitchen cupboard, the lucky
cunt gets treated like a king, old mateys gone and brought a massive pack of space raiders and the lucky cunt gets crisps for dinner

Me and me mate tim have invented a wicked game to pass the time away, all squatters should take note, what ya do right is get a spliff, take 2 hits hold pass it on, but da difference is you have to talk like donald duck, its Wicked man, truly wicked, u should try it.

anyway, i'll keep u all posted on my squat life.

got to big up the headfuk crew, they came round and painted our house for free and gave us ice lollyies!! they are cool people. its hard having no prospects, no job, no tools and nothing to do, but im a keep going, SQUAT JUICE KEEPS ME GOING, I LOVE U GUYS!!!

Quick update guys:

I got some FREE FOOD!! YAY!!!!!!!!
dats right gang, Crystal distortion came round, hes doing Meals on Wheels innit,
dat geezers well decent for doing that. Anyway, i got a bread roll and a cup of soup,PLUS a little blanket, im over the moon!!
no ones being this nice to me before. I wrote a song for ma new found mates at Squat Juice:

Im a squatter man, me mummy doesnt know, cause if me mummy found out son she would say OH NO!
me mummy doesnt want me, she kicked me out of home, all cause i want is a yum-yum so i dont have to moan,
and it go's

no food for me, boo hoo hoo
searching the bins s good for me and you
line of K here touch of DMT, where the fuck is the acid with my cup of tea!

singing: Im a dirty cunt head, nothing in my mind, if you think im a cunt, then your probably a friend of MINE!

songing: sob sob sob, cry cry cry, a pack of pikey crisps until philie does die!

Is it? u would woudl u sell ya firckign cunt ing pc, yer well its all i got blud, its ALL I FUCMIUNG GOT< U TRYING TO TAKE AWATY THAT TOO< I AINT GOT NOT^HINGH I AINT GOT NO OMONEY I AINT GOT NTROHTYNG

7:50 pm, we got electricity! i had been working on a laptop btw, now powers restored im loads happier, well tody has been a real ordeal. what id give for a proper nights sleep.

I've just been told we have to leave this squat in Homerton tommmorow, dat means im homeless, lucky my mate paul has found another place in Stokey, its above a Kebab shop.

fingers crossed this squat lasts longer than 2 weeks. bye..



Had one of the worst nights so far of my 4 years of squatting. We have to fuckin move out today by 3 oclock, so im gonnna have to keep this brief.
I had a few naughty lines of K as per usual before bed, my sleeping bag was still wet from me pissing myself the day before so i had to sleep without a duvet, bit
of advice here, if ya cold put on about 6 layers of cold. i did look a bit of a cunt wearing 3 pairs of jeans but who cares. i really need to do some clothes washing too, ive turned my boxer shorts
inside out and now i got skid marks on both sides, there is nothing worse than having shit rub up against your skin its darkside, my dick area is full of red spots, ive been picking them all day, fuk they hurt

sounds well hopeless but last night me and paul went out into the park where the woman throws the breadcrumbs for the birds and waited till she arrived, well cheeky cunts like but we gathered up some of the bread
she was throwing, plus!! get this yeah Paul sweet talked the old dear, and she sorted us out 3 slices Each!! RESULT fucking BOYA!! hahha anyway, what with the 20p chris liberator kindly gave me the day before
and the 10p paul found, we could by a can of soup, so GAME ON!!! Breakfast is served!! sorted..well chuffed about that....

so like i said im going up to Stokey later hopefully gonna break a place above the Kebab shop, fingers crossed.





12:10pm We on the move


Guess where the fuk i am?? Snort i feel Good bosses! i just done som MDM--(yay)!! hehe..anyway..

Me be on a bench looking like a prize cunt at Venus Number 17! BOSH...that for those who dont know is a STELLA FUCKING HEINEKIN YIN FACK shop.my balls have gone all fuzzy arse crank today, i have a big yellow pussy spot and it hurts like a hammer on the eyeball, for realness.
Ive got all my possessions, which is a torn brown box few few pictures in, my laptop charger and my wifi card. its good using other peoples net access>??? safe. god my arsehole hurts now
i'va had worms you see, dont know if anyone has ever had worms, but they live in your colon and fukcing its so nasty man! i need to sort it big ben ding dong time

had a Skip load of dire luck this morning, was destroying some time playing pass the spliff with myself, when a bird (think it was a sparrow) came down and pecked me! for no reason the little bird
pecked my cheek. peck peck, ouch u cunt... did it hurt? does a fucking dog shit smell nice? cause it fucking HURT!!!

Ive made a new matey matey today! Yeah man this fat stuttering irish Gypsy bloke, thought i smelt bad, this geezer reeks to high heaven, his name is Choppy, haha anyway, ive invited him to this squat we are
breaking later, hes a dab hand with the old paint brush apparantly. gave me this wrist band full of funny little kinder egg toys hanging off!! well wicked.

anyways, i got my one peice of chicken now, respect to Mohhamad Malika! i owe u one! Chicken lickens Def in da house

More later.

btw, sorry if this soundz\ a bit self obsessed but, Squat juice is all i got and u people are my people, im telling the story from da streetz