american bullys and human pitbulls


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as luka (sort of) said, the photograph-body modification loop seems like it's in action here. the same process as the insta lips, surgery and so on. commercial and algorithmic imperatives interacting.


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hugely important and influential thread


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flicked over the TV to a Beyonce performance from 2010ish, amazing to see how small all the arses were, how much less the dancing was about the arses, how less of a focus there was on them. 2010 must be just before all that accelerated. maybe soon the same thing will happen to dogs arses


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Clipping ears is the full grim Britannia

Attacks always hit the news, imagine getting chewed to death @malelesbian

Seen a pair of clowns threatening another group with their dog before, horrendous moment where you round a corner and the row is seconds from lighting up except there’s a yeti dog riled going nuts too. Gotta love Leeds
Why did you bring me up? What do I have to do with killer dogs? Dogs are scared of me anyway, they always bark at me.


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breeding flaws into dogs, ours just digs and sleeps, grown out of leg rape too

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what’s the battle plan for a bulldog hanging off your face, i don’t have one, throw it a child? is that ethical?

@malelesbian getting chewed out = your fixation
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Was at a party once and the owner had a dog - a pitbull in fact - and we were kinda playing with it, chucking stuff for it to fetch and wrestling to get it back etc All harmless fun, but I'd never done that before and the strength of this beast was absolutely unbelievable, it wasn't even that big as pitbulls go I guess but I gained a newfound respect for this brutal mass of muscle. There was more strength in its neck than in the entire body of any two people I know. Admittedly that neck was thicker than my body.... but, being attacked by one of those.... it doesn't bear thinking about, was throwing four or five or us around like rag dolls.