american bullys and human pitbulls


Was a funny party that I remember this guy Jonas going "they won't mind if I smoke some crack will they?" and I said "yeah I reckon they probably will".
I had to go and meet someone to show them the way. When I got back no sign of Jonas... "He got thrown out for smoking crack" "oh".


Was at a party once and the owner had a dog - a pitbull in fact - and we were kinda playing with it, chucking stuff for it to fetch and wrestling to get it back etc All harmless fun, but I'd never done that before and the strength of this beast was absolutely unbelievable, it wasn't even that big as pitbulls go I guess but I gained a newfound respect for this brutal mass of muscle. There was more strength in its neck than in the entire body of any two people I know. Admittedly that neck was thicker than my body.... but, being attacked by one of those.... it doesn't bear thinking about, was throwing four or five or us around like rag dolls.
Though then again have you ever seen that footage where the Chinese woman gets out in the tiger enclosure of a safari park.... one minute she there, next a tiger just comes out of nowhere and drags her off with no effort at all.


It's a slow day... those posts could be summarized as; big dogs are strong, massive tigers are stronger, I once went to a party where people took drugs


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Proper rubbernecking the vid’s contents, all about the $

Gotta grimace a bit from dogs legs bowing from breeding stout shaped parents and they’re barely 6 months

Kids want a companion for JR, all the local kennels are rammed with bully/staff-crosses and sure maybe one could be rehomed here but then I genuinely wouldn’t be able to relax knowing jaw lock strength/pressure and nipper limbs


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there's another micro-thread running through visual culture at the moment which is a bit like pumped up men and their pumped up dogs, which is pulling funny faces. now that twitter is fucked and just recommends popular things and puts them on my timeline i see a lot of shit like this

which is whatever but the exaggerated funny face she pulls at the end, that kind of thing where the emotion or feeling communicated by the face someone pulls, is a whole component of the internet / insta / tiktok form i think. it's crept up on me but i've seen loads of this kind of thing now. reaction videos of course, soy face, all of that kind of thing.

saw lizzo at the weekend for my sins and its also jumped out into real life, she was pulling all kinds of insta funny faces in her performance, like a human reaction video.
I’ve looked after a staffy for the last two years and I’ve never felt so close and protective over another being ever. She’s been shifted about a couple of times and has separation anxiety and as a result is the most needy aggressively affectionate whiney little melt but I love her so much


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they are supposed to be the most clingy, affectionate of dogs. of course they can easily chew a child's face off too. strong as fuck and bred to kill.
Yes if they decide to do damage they do a lot of damage. But she stares directly into your eyes and all she wants is love, the purest thing ever. Turns me into mush, look at me posting about a dog!


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The Telegraph recently ran an article claiming last year had the highest number of fatal dog attacks in Britain for forty years and the majority involved a Bully XL.
I see so many of them around east these days, always with young fellas, great looking dogs. A very strong prey drive that you can see by just looking at them for 20 seconds , assertive and alert