enjoy! WORD TRADE Book Launch Event 8/8/23

Benny Bunter

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First very tentative impressions:

There's a good bit of variety in here for a short collection.

I think scanning in the typewritten pamphlets for that raw presentation was a good decision. They look good on the page.

They are very weird/hermetic on the whole, but possibly the whole undecode-able/uninterpretable take is a bit overstated - some of them at least are quite direct, and others may well open up on rereading.
That one about being on a plane with that sense of uneasy anticipation about what will happen when you touch down in a foreign destination, for example. It's almost like a diary entry that he's writing on the plane - "descent begins"

I LOVE the one that repeats "light, just cast more light" - that's beautiful. My favourite so far.

Benny Bunter

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i'd be interested to know what people make of it. i don't have one yet. sadly. edmund can be an irritating and aloof poet. but i enjoyed his reading a great deal. there's something in there but i'm fairly serious in what i say in the blurb. it doesn't do any of the things you might expect poetry to do in the same way that his music does none of the things you might expect music to do.
That one on p37 even says "everything is inverted. inverted. but the words are still wonderful"