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The majority of my possessions are books, most of them are easily replaced and the most expensive ones were like £25 at most.


Binary & Tweed
Bottle of campari, my hat that says Hats, my copy of Hayek's The Constitution of Liberty, the tobacco pipe my friend gave which belonged to her grandfather, and a booklet containing the recovery phrases to what will surely eventually amount to a fortune of crypto.


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The only thing I have which I guess someone might think would hold sentimental value is an old hardback copy of The Wake my dad gave me, but I'm not arsed, really. It's just a book. I've a paperback which is easier to transport and I wouldn't even grab that.


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Have you all got collector's items and first editions and heirlooms all over the place or something?


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A stone cold psychopath

It's so rare to catch one alive


in je ogen waait de wind
I would consider:
- My cat
- My black notebook series
- My pigeon roadkill gyotaku print with real pigeon feathers
- My rock full of fossils from upstate new york
- My handcrafted mexican masks
- My desk with art deco naked women carved on it
- My rune-carved ceramic set
- My Henry Gaudier-Brzeska "Wrestlers" plate my partner made for my birthday once

My laptop is fully backed up after I lost it last year. Everything cloud-sync'd so it's just money.
do you sometimes post on the board wearing one of your mexican masks?