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If your house was set ablaze by your worst enemy on dissensus and you had time to save FIVE ITEMS from the flames what would those be?


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I once had to ask myself this question due to some weird bird/truck collision that somehow caused a fire that quickly spread out of control.
There was very little time to evacuate.
My answer was fuck it - just start completely over.
Wander the earth like jules said in pulp fiction.
and so I did for a couple of years, with the help of that previously mysterious guy we had met downtown that was just reeling off free tabs to anyone asking no questions asked.
We became part of a distro network throwing renegade parties.
but the feds nabbed us
we had to work with them to bring down the people responsible for making it, or 25 years minimum.
I was given the derisive code name Agent Acid Orange due to the music I played and the tabs we distributed which were like orange sunshine from the previous decades.
I forget who started calling me it as a joke, everyone else just knew me as Brite (as in Rainbow Brite :rolleyes: due to the ever changing mix of colors in my hair and different color contacts in each eye.
A person leading a double life purposely avoided cameras so few photos exist from back then except on the rare occasion I let myself become too relaxed and get caught unawares.
For the feds, it ended up being a wild goose chase because it turned out that it was actually the CIA that was making it in house- to what ends, I don't know.
When this became known, they just cut us loose out of embarrassment.


I would consider:
- My cat
- My black notebook series
- My pigeon roadkill gyotaku print with real pigeon feathers
- My rock full of fossils from upstate new york
- My handcrafted mexican masks
- My desk with art deco naked women carved on it
- My rune-carved ceramic set
- My Henry Gaudier-Brzeska "Wrestlers" plate my partner made for my birthday once

My laptop is fully backed up after I lost it last year. Everything cloud-sync'd so it's just money.