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I would have to assume it is for someone to be parading around like that making such a public show of it - so brazen!


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I suppose if I had my wits about me I might rescue

- All the postcards my parents (well, my mum) has sent me over the years in a box, which of course i never look at now but i have horrible presentiments of their importance in about ten-fifteen years time :sadcorpsey:
- All my notebooks/diaries in a box. Again, I never read these but one day they might come in handy, to remind me of a life once in a blue moon well lived (If I could only save one notebook let it be the most recent notebook, as being the 'MOST WISE')
- My BOSE SOUNDLINK MINI II bluetooth speaker, which quite absurdly is one of my most sentimental objects, having carted it to various festivals and holidays over the years
- My BIKE, which was fairly expensive and which has enhanced my life unutterably since i got it (although i wouldn't mind a new one, so maybe this is a bit of a shit choice)
- 'ULYSSES' by James Joyce, which I've written about a thousand notes in

(Thanks to 'the cloud' and streaming I don't have to worry about my photos/music collection etc. as far as I'm aware, unless the data centres explode too)


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I had a chance to try this out last night

I was fast asleep, dreaming that I was at a reggae sound system but the dub siren was just one continuous tone and then I was wide awake because there was actually an alarm sounding but I couldn't work out if it was coming from my block or outside so I had a look out of a window and there were sirens and and blue lights approaching my block... so I grabbed my passport and bank card and started to get dressed but then the alarm stopped so i had a cig and went back to bed....

the fire alarms in my block seem to extremely sensitive to weed and this isn't the first time teenagers smoking spliffs in the bin cupboards have set them off - thankfully the sprinkler system in my flat wasn't activated....