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@thirdform thanks for all the recs, yeah i was already aware of libri incogniti and Communists in Situ, libri incogniti doesn't seem that active anymore and ik one of the writers is/was this mental guy from the balkans who used to be on leftcom reddit and now just rages on twitter. What're your thoughts on Communists in Situ? I like all the articles they've published and republished from places like field-journal but i follow them on twitter and they seem really into the student protests which is kinda turning me off, i don't like to call myself jaded (even though i probably am) since i don't consider myself a pessimist or fatalist but i can't help but roll my eyes whenever they or anyone else posts about how future lawyers, hedge fund managers and accountants have set up 'liberated zones' on berkley or whatever.

I've been looking for substacks that are actually worthwhile (even on just an artistic level) but honestly most i find just make me question why i'm even on the site. Most substacks just come off as like the literary version of a pub rock singer playing the guitar and moaning into a mic about their woes and torment for a crowd of like six people. Just seems like an outlet for lit students and art f!gs (dk how else to describe them, even i'd fall under that term as well) writing prose diary entries in the hopes that someone who reads it will give them a publishing deal or invite them to their academic/literary circle. I mean at least tumblr was upfront about how it was just about aesthetics and is supposed to be for aesthetes. The worst one i've seen (outside of the ramblings of clearly mentally ill people) was Richard Hunsingers substack.

Anyway if you know of any that are decent i'd like to hear, here are a couple that might interest you.

Also field-journal might offer you something