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The anti-intellectualness that I've been accused of on here this week stems from my disappointment and frustration with him.

To be fair I also think a lot of the French tradition of Marxism-influenced thought is half garbage, half moderately reasonable thinking cloaked in pretense, and Bourdieu—so I'm on your side there.

And what is it about autoimmune and psychosomatic disorders that seem inevitably to bubble up into leftist bitterness?

It's ironic really—the worst excesses of planning this past century have almost all been socialist in origin; the authoritarian left isn't an invention of history but a dominant motif of the 20th C.


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needs more amadeo bordiga and lsd references. still too conservative for my liking, sister. niqab is the actual bakini, if you think about hard enough, dialectically.
To be clear, I don't post it because I agree with it, but because I think it's interesting - rare case of conservatives who understand why you wouldn't want to be one.