Beast of Burden
Dave, yo! I like wine, too! Do you like wine?

Politics is politics, but wine and ice cream is wine and ice cream. And that's how people relate, right?


in the sea
Oliver: agreed.
Next time I start getting too fired up talking politics, I'll have to have a wine and ice cream break and chill out :D

john eden

male pale and stale
WOEBOT said:

via uncarved aka the slowest website in the world*. the first few paragraphs are completely bewitching. how often is it you actually READ blogs (even one's own, lol)?

*can you fix this john?

I am working on it, which is why is completely offline. ;)

tho, to be honest I may have just screwed the whole thing up in an unfathomable nameserver/IP mashup soundclash failure.

But if it works it will be faster and hopefullly there will be less of the old xanax texas holdem poker action in the comments boxes.

And maybe the odd mp3, tho it won't be "an mp3 blog" alright?
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decoding/dissecting/unpicking news imagery
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