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Another week another social services disaster in Derby again. Office needed a rare talking to after endless google searches and rare time wasting started with the verdict. Even then the story had two more cases come up within the county boundaries that beggar belief (when you get handed certain browser histories)

First and older case - 6 kids burned to death in a purpose-made house fire. Some jilted partner tried to stage a house fire to blame an ex re a custody fight but, unsurprisingly, got it all wrong and every single child died in the blaze. The mother is about to be released

Followed by another killing with a prosecution from last summer, murdered nipper had “39 rib fractures, 19 visible bruises and internal injuries likened to those seen in car crash victims”. Blunt force injuries indicative of an rta = force, velocity? Step father with a history of coercion, no warnings heeded

And by theme of banality of evil, another toddler death which has had nationwide coverage all week, parents hiding in plain sight during lockdowns but the injury list made me feel physically sick - 57 bone-breaks leading to infections, pneumonia and eventually sepsis

I do my utmost to avoid tabloid witch-hunts, they’re relentlessly common, “Baby P” etc, where all the signs have been red-flagged, extended family/relatives with multiple contacts to relevant authorities raising safe-guarding concerns fumbled or ignored and you, as an observer, have zero agency. Combine coercive control, psychopathic narcissism and a couple of habits? Boom, kids start becoming more and more transparent to social services, in-person appointments go online, add more avoidant behaviour and within months notify the coroner

Surfaced again with a younger female client who can’t conceive after being hit by a drunk driver, will never be able to via ivf yet yearns to be a mother. Try and introduce adoption. Weird how adoption is one area the anti-abortion cohort get quiet on rapid - oh you want to be pro-life but shirk any structured commitment to adoption or £ because the care sector isn’t just passing round foster home applications randomly either



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I just knew it would be "TOD"

I went to a wedding there. on the way one of the guests pointed out a house and proclaimed "I dee jayed at a girls 16th birthday party there and woke up in bed with four naked teenagers" and what were we supposed to say? 'cool story?'


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a member of the public was taking shelter under a tree on the cliffside footpath when a package landed with a ‘thud’ beside her.

When she got closer to the rotting-smelling packet which was wrapped with grey masking tape, she ‘realised that the shape was that of a human foot and some of it had become exposed’.

the dismembered legs were examined by a pathologist who found ‘they had not been done surgically, they had been removed mid-thigh, they hadn’t been removed by a surgeon, this was an amateur’s job’.




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The prosecutor said that when police raided the defendants’ home address, Atkins was seen hiding in the garden behind a wheelbarrow.

Further searches of the garden then uncovered two black bin bags containing Mr Shotton’s severed arms.

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Was in hospital today for the wee lad to have a minor op (he's fine), and was shocked to discover a coke shelf in the bogs:



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reminds me of


Paul action figure

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Wimness the grimness - kids of six with no diagnosable disability coming to school unable to talk or use the toilet.

It is lunchtime and a handful of pupils at Lantern Academy, a Telford primary school, are playing indoors even though the sun is out. As head teacher Michelle Skidmore approaches, they begin to gather their coats.
“Are you heading out?” she asks. A five-year-old boy responds. It is not clear what he is saying, and Ms Skidmore tries to help. He repeats himself, four times in total, before she figures out that a family member of his has gone to hospital. He runs outside.
“We have a number of children who struggle with basic communication,” says Ms Skidmore. “'Can I go to the toilet? Can I have a drink?’ These are some of the basic sentences we have to teach our children to say.”
The children, whose parents speak English at home and have no learning disabilities, are coming to school unable to communicate. The staff therefore have to teach them Makaton, a basic form of sign language that uses symbols and signs to allow them to express themselves.
Some of the children who cannot talk are not toilet-trained either. At the start of Reception in September, eight of the 27 four-year-olds came to school in nappies. The school has had to develop “intimate care plans” to keep them clean as well as providing potty training.
One mother says her son was late reaching all his milestones, and had no interest in learning to use a potty before going to school.
“He wasn’t ready,” she says. “So when we felt he was, the school really helped with that.”
A child in Year 1 is still not toilet-trained at six years old.
Michelle Skidmore is the 14th head at the school since 2016.