things you have noticed.


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the American soap operas have been getting round social distancing by having the characters do kiss/love scenes with mannequins. But The Bold & Beautiful has gone one step further. It has had a character become obsessed with a mannequin that's been made to resemble his ex-girlfriend who dumped him. The storyline is now that he is going crazy due to his obsession with this doll who he is in love with.

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recently I got to know that apparently the art director of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon travels around with a mannequin called Lilili
someone bumped into him at one of the electrowerkz nights

there's even a documentary around it
Li Lili, of course, being the famous Chinese actress of the 1930s, and deadly rival to Jiang Qing, aka Mrs Mao Zedong. Thanks, Adam Curtis!


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Ah so annoying, this is a new phone and the auto-correct is incredibly aggressive. That was supposed to say Berg not Grandma

considering this is yet another title I keep on seeing around, might as well give it a shot... perhaps when I'm done dealing with the pynchon recommendation list provided kindly by dissensus™


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what I have noticed is even though I have not been to work for about a year now, I still have trouble accomplishing more than 1 (one) specific task per day.
Reading is impossible to fit into same day schedule as ie. music making or anything that could be broadly described as "research"


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City foxes. Rotating early/afternoon/late shifts, some hours I’ve caught sight of a couple, a lolloping bounce, a quick scan and off

A mate has an allotment and visiting the spring shift of chores, the variety and volume of insects seems to have improved slightly this season. That’s food for birds, bees should follow soon. Mutual aid. Good for the head