should MattB, Guybrush & John Eden be expelled from the forum on a permanent basis?

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john eden

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Eden you twat! You made the poll results visible! This is all your fault - why did I have to do this for you anyway? People - I was acting on orders. I was just a patsy, a pawn in John E's sick Xmas wind-up ...but now I'm turning whistleblower. I've had nothing but texts, day and night, "BE MORE AGGRESSIVE", "MENTION THE 5TH INTERNATIONAL MORE". Well, enough's enough. I'm doing a Gunter Grass and exposing my sad alter-ego hidden past. And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to flounce off in moderate embarrassment.

Transparency and accountability at all times, Ian. Er, I mean Martin. :eek:


I voted yes, I want to see what happens when you "have" to leave.

If your members agree please create a new poll so we can vote to move it.

this is a joke right?
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Ian- why do you post here? Is it an antagonism thing, or do you actually want something productive out of it? Outside of dogmatic machismo I'm certain your politics are a shade to the right of a few here, what's the beef? Small penis, lack of motherly love? What is the particular psychogeography of a troll? Or if you are not a troll, (and perhaps you are not) then what are you doing, too much time on your hands, sir?


I don't know, Brother Town is starting to win me over. Maybe the mods should disband (or be disbanded) and call free elections with all registered members eligible to run. Candidates who own their own computers should only be allowed to run at a severe handicap (votes in their favour being counted at a ratio of 0.25:1), and then only with the pledged support of three members who can demonstrate that the majority of their posts have been made from public library terminals. Of course, Woebot, as owner of the means of discussion, will have to be made an example of.

I'm prepared to act, but I'm going to see which way the wind is blowing before I play all my cards.
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Mr. Tea

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what a surprise to find he has no sense of human or social awareness
I noticed you found it funny when I said he had interesting things to say the other day. Which I think he did - but I can see what you mean here, as well.