Making Money.


not at all rachel, sorry to be a wind-up

trolling, jenks, is apparently what deep sea fishing boats do: putting out lots of long lines, looking for a bite
analagous to writing something idiotic & inflammatory on a BBS and knowing that even if the first few browsers ignore it as rubbish sooner or later someone will come along and bite.

not, as commonly assumed, bad hair creatures from under the bridge


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i thought deep-sea fishing boats trawled, not trolled.
is this an americanism of the verb "to trawl"?
if so it's annoying.
another thing that winds me up something rotten is when people use barter and haggle interchangeably. THEY MEAN DIFFERENT THINGS!!!

btw, rachel how do i know you/you know me? just curious.

also, note to mr ingram, can you please change my beatles name to something else?! i refuse, somewhat indignantly, to be called the same thing as the frontman from the blow monkeys for another 50 posts or whatever.

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luka said:
yeah, i know how to get all those free things thanks, i need advice on the money thing and i don't want a little bit i want lots.

1) Rob a bank.

2) Start your own business.

3) Get some sort of work in The City.

Or all three.

Most people I know who earn shitloads of money are working themselves to an early grave and have no time to themselves or recognisable social lives.


1) Have kids

2) Have ethics/morals

How much money is "lots", though?

I earn about 24k as a charity bureaucrat. I started working cash in hand as a van driver for a charity about 15 years ago and then they needed someeone to help in the office as well. One job lead to another... I'm not exactly aggressive in looking for new jobs though (been in this one nearly 5 years).
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1) Have kids

2) Have ethics/morals

stuff to get away from dependence on the cash economy
get a council tenancy
get a cash in hand job
deal drugs
get an allottment (?)

another approach is get debt (it's not islamic or halal of course) I have some big ones, it's not really economical, as you end up paying the banks back double, unless you do a runner, then it's well economical!

- why are you getting uptight about cash anyway luke?


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thanks for the troll/ trawl explanation - frighteningly i start teaching a language and technology module on monday

luka - you could do worse than train as a teacher - no, bear with me... a grant to train and a reasonable starting salary, just don't take any responsibility staying as a classroom teacher and punching the clock etc- working hours of 8.30-3.30 and long holidays - yes there's marking and stuff, but after reading enough of your posts i get the impression you know loads and have much to say - the kids wd love you!
me, i ended up as a head of department, lots of responsibility and the money is ok (i get to go on holiday every year and buy all the cds i want). at least i get home at a decent time to see my kids.
i don't know how much is loads in your eyes but isn't 'enough' a better aim?


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Say someone around here wanted to become a high-powered investment banker or broker or whatever, and say said person was mid-twenties, with no relevent experience or training, how would said person go about even beginning to consider it?

I'm asking because a friend of a friend needs to know.

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a friend of a friend lied a lot and got away with it (company was goldman sachs). don't know if he's still employed though.


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i'm getting uptight about money because i'm overdrawn, even though today is payday and becasue i like expensive things. i don't really want lots and lots, i'm being facetious.

i can't remember why i couldn't be a teacher, they did give me a reason, though maybe things have changed. it might have been something to do with being out of the country or something. or maybe something to do with my (lack of) qualifications. i think they actually pay you to do the training.

i'm not being a troll ed, i want to make enough money to be able to afford a flat, go on holidays to exotic destinations, drink with my friends, eat well at home and in resturaunts, buy expensive cheeses and brandy, get a few more shirts, shoes and pairs of trousers and, that's pretty much it.

the easiest thing would be to go and live in new zealand (or australia) i spose. i got the passport.


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surely your dad knows the answer to that question oliver. he'd probably tell you to learn some maths to begin with!


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yeah, they'd pay to train you - also the qualifications thing, they like 'em but not essential, APL - accreditation of prior learning. they'll even let you train and teach at teh same time - GTTP , graduate teacher programme. all kinds of routes, just an idea.
nice things, i can understand why you want them, but getting caught up in the constant cycle of getting and having - this christmas i got so mad with it all i just stopped - people either got oxfam goats and bikes or nothing - it felt great to escape it all.
like i said before it's about what is enough, rather than how much is loads


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you'd miss london, though, luke. i've got a few ideas for you, but they're probably better discussed in person


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luka, maybe you should look at making some money from olympics?

for instance, you could do some guided walks around the stratford, lea valley, thames gateway and beyond - you could as an interlude include some audio sections asking your customers to don their headphones at specific locations...'ladiers and gentlemen you are now in plaistow, manor of crazy titch, please select track 3'

I'm in the shadey world of the quasi public/private Government-sponsored regeneration programmes.... now 'back the bid' you suckers

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Most "professions" - if such things can be said to exist any more - have some form of qualification procedure. There is usually one or more path to qualification but if Craner wants to become a stockbroker he will need to sit his FSA (Financial Services Authority) exams and then apply for jobs. If you want to be at the "top" of broking or investment banking then you need to work for a large city firm and usually have entered through their Graduate Trainee programme. Being a mature applicant might make you stand out.

Luka, if you want a decent wardrobe, try getting a job in a clothes shop. I'm not taking the piss. I had a year of my life where I was basically killing time before starting a post-grad course and I went to work in a clothes shop and the discount and staff sales meant I got a very tidy wardrobe for a pittance. Pay was alright too.

Having money won't make you happy but not having any can make you miserable. And I agree with Jenks, that chasing after one material thing after another just leads to enuii. Except records, obv.