Making Money.


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its about context and stuff isn't it. what are those mart expensive clothes saying

you're a pleb and i'm a man of discernement and distinction?

i'm rich and i'm going to rub it in your face?

i'm an aesthete and i want everybody to look beautiful and elegant?

i'm interested in fashion?

i'm not from a rich background, i'm not supposed to be wearing these clothes so thats why i'm wearing them?

i want to fit in with rich people and have them accept me?

or whatever else...

you have to be aware of the messages you're giveing out, how people are going to interpret them. not to let other people determine how you behave, not that at all, just the awareness of how they react to you.


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Work with money to get money

Hmmm, let's see:

- Accounting. An accountant once told me that his profession allowed mediocre people to earn 50k pounds a year. However you have to train for 3 years - and it is really freakin' tedious.

- Sales. Yip - if you're a good talker, then go for it. But if you have a low BS tolerance, you're in trouble.

- IT. See accounting but double the salary and halve the dress sense.

- Investment Banking. See accouting but triple the salary and quaruple the smug wanker coefficient. Remove social life.

- Management Consulting. See Investment banking but replace tailored suits with business casual.

- Start your own import/export business. You can make massive markups on luxury goods. Someone I know imports high-end skin care creams for US$5 and sells them retail for AU$100. Raking it in.


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See, personally, I lke to floss because socially i run into a lot of people who come from the school of "I've always had enough money, so I look down on people who like to show off their material wealth". And flashing yr cash pisses off these trustafarian no-marks like nothing else. Especially when you prove yourself to be both smarter and a better dancer than them to boot.

And out of those occupations listed below, sales is definitely the one. You don't have to do any training or anything, and you can start earning right off the bat if you're any good at it. Plus idiots will look down on you for doing it.


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luka, i agree definitely that the there are a lot of different factors that determine the morality of someone's consumption, it's always more complicated than I try to describe it as. Anyway, my comment about "jesus, it sucks to be poor" was meant to imply that I think it's perfectly understandable to want to live a comfortable life where you can buy people drinks and not constantly worry about bills.

My real issue is about consumption. Conspicuious consumption just compounds it, but consumption is the base of it. I know that the people who made my running shoes, my t-shirts, most of my damn clothes are working in conditions and making amounts of money that I would never countenance if they were in my own backyard. And furthermore I know the rate at which we (meaning Western cultures) are consuming products is totally unsustainable and is doing the world great damage. I know I've made more money working in a couple programming jobs than many, many people out there make, and I know that many of these people work far harder and are far more in need of money--let alone deserving of money--than I am. We all understand these principles, they aren't very controversial.

Where people differ (I think) is in the stories they tell themselves in order to justify their continued existence in a capatilist world. And I think where arrogance comes in is that I believe a lot of people actually convince themselves that they do desrve all this luxury in the face of others suffering because they're somehow special. How else do these celebs making $20 mill for a movie justify earning that much? At some level there has to be self-delusion as to your own personal worth in relation to others. And then to flaunt your consumption....

Of course what's the other route? Modern liberal guilt, I suppose. Give a bit to charity to make it feel like you're making a difference. Also a crap solution. Why do I have to take responsibility for this stupid system that I've been born into, that treats some people so terribly? I could argue back and forth on that point all day. But the main thing is to realize that massive consumption and earning stupidly large amounts of money pretty much always involve someone else not doing so well someplace else.

I suppose I'm more or less working at this from the opposite end of things than luka. Backjob's description of people: "I've always had enough money, so I look down on people who like to show off their material wealth" is not totally off the mark unfortunately. Though I'd like to think that it's not an issue of "looking down my nose" at people, as it is disagreeing with them as a matter of reasoned principle, which I hopefully just gave a short description of above. Being a "counter-revolutionary" is also just being happy with the status quo, is it not?

(sorry for rambling on and taking this all so seriously...;) but oh well. I demand dissent!)


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i'm agreeing with backjob and oliver on most of this. i'd forget about being righteous and anticapitalist if i were the rest of you lot. good food, nice sneakers, travel, being able to take women out for dinner, records, not worrying about the rent and bills are all important. pretty much the not-so-well-kept secret to a happy life as far as i'm concerned. i'm not quite there yet, but i enjoy quite a few of these luxuries and i really appreciate that i do, too. the only thing i'd point out, luka, is that it takes a while to get there and you don't have to earn heaps to eat well - just learn to cook properly and shop wisely. for instance, i eat really bloody well on about £25 a week.


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a smallish bottle of bog standard remy martin costs about £25. each time i go to the cheese shop it sets me back at least a tenner. i eat good food, i want luxuries. i have to admit though, this thread has convinced me that i don't actually want to make money that badly, and i'm not going to change my ways dramatically. girls, good friends and a sane perspective on life are much, much more important than money when it comes to enjoying life.

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I would just like to point out that I hold this thread, and Luka, responsible for me having a dream about becoming a banker by taking lots of exams and wearing cartoony-style masks. :eek:

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luka said:
i like making people feel uncomfortable, unsure of themselves. some people, not everybody. people who are too self-satisified. make them uneasy. it's fun.
Have you thought about politics, Luka?

Sounds like a good racket to me. Screaming Lord Sutch stylee, but, you know, without the sudden end.


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Lord Sutch's end is probably the best a politician can hope for, from a career point of view at least.

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MBM said:
Management Consulting. See Investment banking but replace tailored suits with business casual.
LOL! Deffo low on social life when a project's runnin' hot. But I wore my suit this week...

Money can't make you more happy, but it can make you a bit more comfortable. But most of my friends have more job security than I do.


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nah, didn't think so, so why the assumptions? maybe i've got your girlfriend, and a girlfriend of my own too.
maybe i'm a raging queer. maybe i'm a kpunkian asexual.

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Write a blog about being a gigolo.
Pretend to be one if you aren't.
If women start to get all excited - be one.
Then blog some more.
Get book deal.

Spice all the sex in your novel with some "Morvern-Callar-light-music" references (you know
Bjork, The Scissor Sisters, Madonna), add fashion references and shagging catwalk models,
two real cats which have to be fed (for the animal lovers, and cue allergic reaction fun from one of your clients), some grimey friends for "realness", some life changing tear-jerker stuff and some glossy half-arsed seriousness. No happy ending.
Well sorted.

Selling your soul, Dr Mabuse?

(ohh - and give me 5% once done for the plot&film rights :cool: )
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material goals, material goals...

...doesn't quite convey the feeling of hitting the street in a fine pair of Italian loafers or an Aquascutum mac, or booking tickets for a summer holiday in Pisa (Slovenia) or, I don't know, taking a nice girl out to a nice restaurant and paying for her meal without worrying about what she orders...or even just walking through the door when your soul feels grubby and sinking into the silence of your own space...