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i would also big up vancouver. absolutely lovely. and there's snow here right now, which is actually quite unusual, but there you go anyway, mpc.
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However, i do think canadians can be pretty smug about what a great country this is. not in the american "i'm king of the world!" over-the-top kind of way, but in a much more subtle middle-class kind of superiority (okay, that's not all that subtle, but still...). Which is only somewhat justifyable, in my view. A great place to live, yes, but not as saintly as some people like to make it out as.


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I witnessed a beautiful autumn: very fierce leaves scattered over wide roads.

I saw Niagara Falls which reminded me of Marilyn Monroe looking lovely in a yellow raincoat and about to topple over them.

My mother was touring universities and theatres in a production of Under Milk Wood and she invited me along too.

The French-speaking Canadian campus girls are exquisite.

I had some huge breakfasts in roadside diners.

I saw urban terminals that were just like Landore.

And Toronto, on the day we were there, was absolutely empty.

The other thing we did was go to the top of that tall tower, but the sky was grey, and it was midday.


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mpc said:
where's the snow?

i want the snow.

This is a report written about the blizzard we had on the east coast almost a year ago. Pictures are towards the back.

We've since had two more, one knocking out power for almost the entire province of Nova Scotia for 2 days.

The skiing's been pretty good, tho.


mpc said:
do you like to writhe around naked in the snow like a worm in a sandpit?
yeah, young men do this as a courtship ritual during the maple syrup harvest. you have to coat yourself in beaver oil first to prevent ice burns.


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i visited vancouver in 2001. my impression was that it was a beautiful cultural desert filled with very nice but ultimately terribly dull people :(

i even remember whatever broadsheet was put under my very nice hotel room door actually having a front page article along the lines of 'canadians branded boring again. but the evidence suggests we actually are. coo. not much we can do about that then. look at all them exciting people from elsewhere'

i must point out that i was only there for 5 days on business and hence did spend much of my time in a conference centre, which might account for some of the above ;)

but as a result it would take a lot to talk me round

then again maybe it's like coming to surrey and deciding the whole of england is that shit


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Vancouver is junky-heaven...if u were bored, u may not have been tryinmg hard enuff...hastings Ave. is very entertaining by all ex lives out there, and she says its crazy


Ack! Now I'm reeeal pissed at Canada. I've just found out that the Canada Post refused entry to my order from Rhythm Division which contained one of the last avaialble original pressings of "Forward Riddim." :mad:


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i have a feeling, based on living in the colonies for three years, that you only have culture if you live in a depressing shithole like england. if you live somehwere where life is good, like new zealand or canada, you don't need to bother with that bollocks.